My Little Bit of Heaven

What about me, hmmm?  Well, here it goes. My husband and I have been married for 33 year and have three wonderful children, two daughters and a son.  You will get to know them later.  Our two daughters, between them, have six grand babies under the age of 5 and both girls are pregnant together again.  You will hear more about them later also.  We live on a small Pacific Northwest farm, only 6.5 acres and another 9 that we pasture our lovely cows on.  We also raise chickens for eggs, have one dog and too many cats. I’ve always had a love for decorating my home.  Right now my main focus has been on our “grandkids” bedroom.  Having a special place for them and knowing they can get all cozy in their little room is important to me.  I’ve been a homeschool mom, VBS Director, Support Group Leader and so much more.  My latest activity is Home Bible Study teacher, (Anyone else love the book of Ruth?) to some wonderful teenage girls and AWANA Club teacher.  Oh, I’m Linda by the way, and I look forward to meeting new friends and becoming part of a new community!  Oh, and thanks for the plate of cookies, they were delicious!

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      Hi Diane, How exciting! I love making new friends and getting to know others through this site promises to be great fun. I spent a little time reading your “blog” also and look forward to getting to know you better!

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    We also have things in common. Married 33 years (in May), three children , two girls and one boy. I however have only two grandsons but they do have their own room here at my house. Enjoy your babies, they are such a joy!

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      I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I had to chuckle at myself today. We’re having guest stay with us for a few days and I was wondering if the grandkids had slept on their bed since I last washed the sheets. So I’m sniffing the pillows, they don’t smell like the grandkids, so I lift the top sheet off the bed and there is a little boys sock down toward the end of the bed. I just had to laugh. I love finding their little socks and undies hidden in odd spots in the house.

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