My Folding Chair Overhaul

These folding chairs have lived in five houses over the last 30 years.  Still functional, but in need of a little TLC.  It occurred to me that they were the perfect solution to my patio makeover.  I purchased outdoor fabric that coordinated with my other patio furniture, then picked up cans of gunmetal spray paint.  They now function indoors or out.

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    Well aren’t you the crafty one! That’s an amazing makeover Mindy! I don’t think I would have thought to do that but colour me impressed!

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    I love it! What a crafty great idea. Well done! I love that gun metal spray paint as well. I used to live in a new construction home. I took all my door knobs and hinges off the doors throughout the entire house and rubbed them with steel wool and sprayed them with that gun metal spray paint. It warmed up the entire house and looked SO good! <3 it.

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