My Favorite Room

My favorite room is new to the house due to an addition a few years back.  It is in the space where a bedroom used to be, but we knocked some walls out and created an open kitchen/dining/family room space. Here is a peek into the family room space.

I recently covered some old pillows, switched the rugs with another one in the house and put up some fall decorations. Including a Thanksgiving Village I created with my sister and grandmother as a child—now my children love to set it out each year! 

I love the colors that come with Autumn—reds, oranges, and teals — vibrant and crisp! I just want to eat it up!

I moved out a heavy wooden office desk from the far wall and it took a few weeks of experimenting until I felt like the furniture had a good flow.  

This room is my favorite because it’s the place where my husband naps on the couch, my kids do homework on the coffee table and we pass through its hub to every other room of our ranch style house.

I’m working on defining my design style. I seem to know more what I’m NOT, more than what I AM. 

 I am the family hoarder—I mean historian—and I tend to gather grandma’s lamps, grandpa’s cigar boxes and snippets of treasures and trinkets that others see as cast offs.  I think these items are what makes this room my favorite. It is full of memories of the past and has room for the future!

I’m excited to participate in “The Inspired Room” book launch!  I have my copy already and can’t wait to dive in!


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      Hi Shelley, thank you. Yes, a friend gave me the old globe because she thought I could ‘do’ something with it. On one side I have “Be Kind” and on the other side I have “the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it. Ps. 29:1.” I wrote on it with a gold paint pen.

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      I’ll try and get a photo up for you. Thanks, I made my world map wall art with a map from Amazon and four canvasses from the craft store. I am trying to have more fun with my decorating and not be so serious….

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    Well I certainly know what I love about this room! The Be Kind globe, the TLC letter collection (why have I never seen that before? Clever lady!) The colors, the bowl of trinckets. Yes,, your Thanksgiving Villiage. The curve of the entry and the exit ….

    Just to name a few ♡

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      Thank you so much Sharon. TLC are the initials of my three children, so these initials pop up in my home. Our family signature is N+K=TLC. I appreciate your comments!

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    Hi Kelsey! I love your living room remodel! Such a beautiful combination of bright colors! I love that you incorporated memorabilia to that has such meaning to you and your family, in such a tasteful way. I also love your “Be Kind” globe! Perfect for a Family Setting! 🙂

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      Thank you Maria. I really do love color, sometimes I think it’s too much and I try to tone it down….but it doesn’t last long.

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      Hello Melissa, thank you for encouraging us to be brave and show our homes. We were also able to add a new Master bed/bath, a bedroom, linen closet and covered back deck. It allowed our home to grow with our growing kids and make it a space we can stay in for years to come. Thank you!

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    Hi, Kelsey! Your favorite space is very nicely decorated! I’m a big fan, too, of teal and orange, and I find that fall and winter are the best times of the year to play with those colors. I can totally relate to being the family hoarder! However, I’m now living on the other side of the Atlantic and so far away that’s it’s no longer easy to obtain those keepsakes. My Belgian mother-in-law has discovered my keen sense for family nostalgia, so now I am also considered the hoarder in my husband’s family, and if someone no longer has room for something or doesn’t see any more use for it, it ends up with me. My basement is full of such things just waiting for the right inspiration for a new life.

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      Jennifer, it’s a good thing I don’t have a basement….or much storage either. Yikes! I can only imagine! Thank you for your kind words. There is something about this time of year that fills my heart.

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