My Favorite Breakfast

I love breakfast!  Each Wednesday after I drop my children at school I head to The Little Bird Bakeshop in Old Town Fort Collins.  I catch up on my Bible study over a latte and ricotta toast with jam.  So delicious! It’s my little treat each week.

We spend several weeks of summer in upstate New York in a little cabin in the woods. I especially love the leisurely breakfasts we enjoy there.  

Like most busy families, its a challenge to have a good breakfast before rushing off to school each morning. When we have the opportunity to linger over the breakfast table it becomes my favorite time of day.

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    I have never heard of toast with ricotta and jam and I’m a toast freak!! I love ricotta cheese and raspberry jam so I am all over this idea! My husband goes to Fort Collins (same place?) a lot for business so I hear that it’s a beautiful place. If I ever accompany him on a trip I will try to find that bake shop!

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      Barb, you have got to try it! The bakery I go to even makes their own ricotta cheese and the owner convinced me to give it a try at home. It is delicious spread on a warm, thick piece of toast. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Fort Collins you should seek out Little Bird Bakeshop. They make wonderful chocolate croissants too.

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    Yum! I’m a sucker for ricotta & fig jam as well as honey & chèvre . You are a girl after my own heart ! Love that you start your mornings with devotion. X

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    Those breakfasts look delicious! I am so going to try the ricotta toast. What a nice little tradition you have. I’m impressed that you only go on Wednesdays. If I had that bakery close by, I might indulge way more than I should! 🙂

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    Hi Misty! It’s always good to have some “me time”, especially raising a large family. I’ll have to try that ricotta cheese and jam with my toast. Sounds really good! After seeing all these great breakfast dishes here, I feel like I may be missing out on something! Your seems easy enough for my busy work week? I will have to buy a special loaf of bread and cut it into thick pieces to get the full effect. What type of bread do you recommend?

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      Hi Maria, I haven’t actually made it at home. It’s my favorite thing to order at the bakery. But I do think it would be great home breakfast. You would definitely need a thick slice of bread. The kind the bakery serves it on is called english muffin bread. It has a thick crust and chewy middle. I think an oat bread or even a whole grain loaf from a good bakery would work great. They toast the bread lightly and spread the ricotta on so that the warmth of the bread melts the ricotta enough to make it creamy. I’m actually going to make my own ricotta soon, which I hear is easy and so much better than store-bought.

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    Breakfast is such a simple pleasure and also a profoundly important gesture for taking care of ourselves. You’ve inspired me to try harder to start my day off right.

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