Modern Windsor Dining

I’ve been updating my dining room with a modern spin lately.  I hit a snag….a lovely Windsor bench I’ve owned for almost 20 years.  So, I decided to add another Windsor chair into the modern mix so the bench wouldn’t seem so out of place. Sadly, the Comb Back Windsor I found had seen better days. 

Using Annie Sloan’s Graphite Chalk Paint, along with the dark wax, this chair has made a comeback! 

This was step one…bringing both the old and the modern Windsors around the table. The next picture shows the finished project including the new rug and the buffet/side bar (which is another post all together).  

Now…what to put on the table?!?!?!

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    As the 80s are creeping back into our decor trends, these classic colonial shapes and designs are undergoing a resurrection and I could not be happier. Your pieces look amazing and the style blends so well with other styles. Love, love, love what you have going on here!

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    I love how you repurposed your chair! You’ve done a great job in this room! I struggle with table centerpieces as well! I would love to do something that I can change with the seasons.

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