Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I must admit…..I have several addictions….yes. .I am an addict!!!

Mirrors….there…I have confessed. There is something about the way a mirror adds “sparkle” to any space. This wooden one above the bed was a flee market find. It was empty and in need of some TLC which I bestowed upon it. Then ….,when driving home I spotted mirrored shower doors that were being thrown away. Mark was horrified when I told him we needed to go and collect them in the car before the garbage truck arrived first. We arrived on time…took the frame and mirrors to a glass store and had the mirror cut to fit the frame….and…..voila!

He thinks I’m a junk collector. Truth be told I find it fun to repurpose items that others have discarded as useless!!


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    Hi Robin! I love that mirror! What a great find! I confess . . . I used to trash pick when something unique caught my eye. I haven’t picked anything in a long while. I try to refrain. . . knowing that I just don’t have anymore room in this house! lol 🙂

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      Hello Della,
      Thank you for your kind observations.
      I sent a little synopsis of Mirror Mirror on the Wall……I hope it was included with the photo.. ..still learning the site and how to manouveur

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    Hi, Robin! You indeed have great eye for mirrors! I still remember how striking the Venetian-style mirror looks in your dining room, and you’ve got this cool neo-gothic one in your bedroom, too. Definitely eclectic! Just my style!

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      Thank you Jennifer!!
      The funny thing is while I was growing up my mom loved mirror and crystal chandlers……I hated them.
      She is probably smiling from above to see how my tastes have changed.
      Looking forward to more pics. From your enchanted place!

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