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I have always loved adding meaningful arts and crafts to my home. Little items to lift the spirit that make my home reflect me and the things I find important. This little AIDS angel was created by one of my close friends. She started making these angels shortly after connecting with a group in British Columbia who were making these to provide aid to orphanages and communities in Africa dealing with children living with AIDS or being cared for by grandmothers as their parents had  died from the disease. My friend was diagnosed last year with ALS and has continued to make these angels as she is determined to carry on as long as she can. Currently she has raised over twenty-one thousand dollars. She has done this by teaching school children and adult volunteers to help her create these small works of art and love. Each angel is completed with embellishments of donated jewelry and then given a name which is the actual name of an African child who died from AIDS. As you can imagine, she is a constant inspiration in my life and the colours used here reflect her joy and enthusiasm for life. It has been a particularly harsh winter here in Nova Scotia so I am focusing on colours and items that bring joy in my home. A good way to ignore the raging blizzards outside! :)

The picture behind her is a small watercolour that I found in a stack of items last summer as I was decluttering my home. I bought it many years ago and had forgot it existed. Serendipity! It now sits on my media cabinet reflecting the warm colours I chose to compliment my navy, blue and grey tones in my living room.  #Art in the home

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    I so agree with you, Nancy. Life is too short to live among objects that don’t inspire us. I want to spend my days with objects that remind me of who I am, and encourage me to become someone better. Thanks for sharing your sweet stories.

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    Hello Nancy, I love the angel and your friend is an inspiration. Does she have a web site? Ship them? Sell them locally? It was lovely to have a warm weekend – and even took my jacket off on Saturday before heading into Chapters!!

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      Hi Brenda, Judy is a retired teacher from Halifax. She has a couple of locations where she has the AIDS Angels available. I will ask her for the details and post her answer on your last post. Isn’t it nice to finally see spring!? Can’t wait for leaves on the trees! 🙂

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