A little find brightened my day!

     This Saturday I had to work. It went from bad to worse… I had to deal with patients with seeping sores,  coughing up tons of mucus,  contagious diarrhea, a patient going unconscious. And finally I had one ring his call light and complain of a headache. Just then he belched and had projectile vomit! By the time the day was done I didn’t know if I wanted to scream or cry.
     Every Saturday that I work, my husband drops me off and picks me up and we have “Date Day!” Usually that just means we head to a cheap lunch establishment and then he takes me to a specialty shoppe of my choice. I REALLY wanted to just go home, shower and lay down.. but when I saw him so excited to see me while walking out, I pretended all was well.  He took me into a shoppe and lo and behold I found this AIRE-dorable Airedale mug made by a British company. I picked it up and all the day’s troubles seemed to fade.        

     This morning was lazy Sunday breakfast and as usual.  I made some local roasted coffee and Challah french toast.
*The best part of waking up… is Airedales on my cup! 😀
Please note to read that while humming the jingle to the Folgers commerial in your head lol

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    Such a cute cup! Isn’t it nice to have a special date after giving so much care to others! Karma, I say! I am going to have to try Challah French Toast as I’ve never done this. Have a great day Nila. 🙂

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    Cute mug! Isn’t it wonderful when these kinds of things just turn our funky days around! Joy in the small things! BTW….I am a nurse, and I can totally relate to that bad day you described! 😉

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    I am glad you still can eat after such a day of vomiting and such. I hope those days don’t come to you anymore, but life is life and work is work, right? Isn’t it amazing a small thing can bring one so much relief and help one destress? I like your mug and your breakfast looks yummy.

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