Kitchen Update

So much better!

Our house was built in 1976, and when we bought it in 1993, it had never been updated AT ALL!  We spent Mother’s Day ripping out chocolate shag carpet and the next two weeks taking things down to the bones.  All that the budget would allow for the kitchen was new wallpaper and new flooring.  The cabinets were sound and the ceramic tile counters and backsplash were acceptable.  Fast forward to 2012 when a young guest at a shower I was giving declared my kitchen “retro”!  With the help of the folks at Lowe’s, we gutted the kitchen and three years later, I still love it..

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      Thanks.l The c ountertops are quartz from Lowes. The color is called “Space Black”. It’s black with dark muted gold “splots”;. I think they still carry it. I researched a lot on counters and decided on quartz. This one isn’t super shiny. It’s shiny but not super shiny. I have enjoyed it. It’s easy to keep clean and neat. The “splots” in the quartz are almost more beige than gold. They blend nicely with the beige Italian marble tiles we used for the backsplash.

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      It’s so hard, isn’t is Sherry? It took me months to decide. I was originally going to just paint the cabinets I had, but when we realized we needed to update appliances, it seemed to make sense to gut the whole room. We set up a makeshift kitchen in the garage with a crockpot and a toaster oven that served us for about two months while the work was done. It was a pain, but worth it!

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      The difference is amazing, isn’t it? I guess when you live with things and they are working just fine (as in the wall oven) it’s hard to think of spending considerable funds to replace. But I am so glad I did!

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    The kitchen reno really beautified your space. Love! I love your island. My ktichen style and layout just doesn’t allow any room for an island thought it is rather spacious enough. Now I have kitchen envy 😉 I love the color combo: black and white also.

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