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Many years ago I had the fabulous job title ‘Fairydell Project Officer’. My job entailed encouraging the use of a lovely woodland park called Fairydell. I used to organise all manner of outdoor activities and each time we had an outdoor event I made a piece of fun jewellery just to engage the kids a bit more. When we hunted for mini beasts I had made a set with ivy leaves and caterpillars.  I made earrings, bracelet and necklace to match.  When we did pond dipping I made a huge frog and tadpoles to wear. I commissioned a lady to make me some lampwork glass bead ‘frogspawn’.  When we did a wildflower walk I made floral jewellery and when we had a veg growing competition I made a set of vegetable jewelley.  I made loads more different themed things to wear and I am sure people came along just to see what my jewellery was going to be for the event.  I loved that job but sadly funding ran out after three years. 

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