Is it finally spring in Connecticut?

After yesterday’s snowfall I just had to look at my door wreath this morning. Yes there is snow beyond this door but the sun is shining and it’s going to get into the forties today, woo-hoo! I love living in New England but enough is enough. I did not do wreaths at my last house so I’m really enjoying changing up my wreaths to fit the season. Anyone else have a wreath that makes them happy? I’m always up for some inspiration. 

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    That wreath screams spring… Now if Mother Nature would just listen… I hope it comes soon for you!
    The wreath is beautiful on your door and I’m sure your neighbors love seeing it too!

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    If you can hang a wreath of spring tulips on your front door while the snow continues to fall, you have the spunk and spirit required to be a true New Englander. I’m impressed!

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    I like to hang wreaths on my door also. I have a fall wreath that I love and hang October and November, and then in December I like to hang a fresh garland wreath. About a year ago I saw a lavender wreath at Target that I wish I would have purchased the day I saw it, because I went the other day and it wasn’t there. It would have been perfect for Spring. I’d also like to get a seashell wreath for summer. Big plans for my not-so-attractive black screen door.

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    Maria, I got away from wreaths when I was in my more “modern” clean lines look until I discovered I like to mix all types of decorating together. Glad you like it, do share!!

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    I love your wreath. I love changing them up also on my (condo so inside). Know your feeling of will spring ever come as I live in eastern Canada. We are getting more snow tonight. Will post wreath I made using vinyl tablecloths over the weekend.

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