Hidden Salmon Beach, Tacoma WA

Long time no see! I loved browsing this site & seeing all of your beautifully decorated holiday homes. Let me say, “Ya’ll have outdone yourselves!” As I was away, I had a lot of changes & in due time, I’ll try to share a bit of those changes with you. :)  I’d like to catch up and show you all my most amazing find… Salmon Beach! This is a small fishing community of 80 beach shanties from the 1920’s that’s just 2.8 miles from my house. I swear it’s the biggest secret on the Puget Sound!

Now let me tell you… I heard about SB from a coworker. It’s a gated off community but being a house stalker that was NOT going to keep me out. (Go ahead admit it… you’ve followed people in fancy gated neighborhoods to house snoop I am sure!) haha  Well… this was a little more difficult!  We had to walk around the gate, down 2 huge hills until we came to a small parking lot that the “beachers” park their cars.  From the car park was 277+ steps… I quit counting!!! That’s the ONLY way down the cliff to the homes below!

This village was Very Rustic and OLD… See that little path? That’s the ONLY walkable space behind all the homes that are on stilts.  These glassed in little reading rooms were perched along the wooded path. I can only imagine how peaceful it would be to curl up with a mug of local coffee, a kitty, and a good book… The Inspired Room of course! ?

Like I said, the place is OLD and RUSTIC, but that’s the beauty of it. It was as if we were on an enchanted island. Nothing but the smell of sea air, the sound of seagulls in the distance; and water splashing under the homes. There’s lots of OLD rusted stuff laying around here and there.  I would imagine because of how difficult it would be to carry it back up the cliff. I can’t imagine how they carry groceries! (or move in or out!)

Here are a few examples of the unique architecture I found. All the cedar was weathered,but I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted to look at EVERY detail of EVERY house! Just look at these shingles!!!!

Another part of the rustic beach charm was the chicken houses along the path. I love me some beach chickens!!! (oh dear, the Southerner is coming out in me! LOL)

I hope you all have enjoyed this little journey with me. Now, I want to remind you… I have done ya’ll a HUGE favor because you got the tour without having to climb back up all those steps and hills to the car! 🙂
Happy 2016 XOXO

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    Hi Nila, I love the pictures of your adventure. The area has a New England feel to me and that’s my comfort zone. Thank you for sharing some really beautiful shots and I appreciate you taking all those stairs for me too!

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    Thanks Nila for doing all the hard work for us! I certainly enjoyed the tour (especially the chickens), But I wouldn’t want to do 277 plus steps for my weekly grocery shopping. How do they get on with the steps in the rain (and I’m sure it rains a lot there)… Excellent tour!

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    Ha ha! Beach chickens! That sounds like a great place to live–but it would have certain drawbacks. You’d be fit though, climbing those stairs every day! I wonder if people move in/out by water? Those shingles are amazing! They remind me of a really cool wood carving shop/viking hall in Southern Oregon on the way to California (I think it’s on 101). We always stop there for a driving break because its SO cool! (and they also have a hobbit house, how can anyone resist a hobbit house?!?) I love finding those cool little spots that have so much personality, thanks for giving us a tour of the one you found!

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