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    I vote for the framed image. You have other beautiful metal pieces in the room, love the chandelier by the way, and I’m drawn to art pieces of trees for some reason. I think it warms the space as well. Good luck!

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    I agree with Barb. Besides that amazing chandelier, I see metal candlesticks, a floor lamp, tables, and what seems to be a sweet sculpture of a dancer. The framed photo would provide a nice counterpoint and the aspens would fit beautifully with your rustic room. Love what you got going on here!

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    I love the the way the art brings your eye up and fills some of that vertical space. You have a gorgeous room and I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

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    As others have said – go for the giant framed tree photo! You have lots of lovely metalwork – introduce a new element. Love the idea of the photo of trees – really uses your vertical space.

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    Sounds like it’s unanimous! I love the photo tool and the “smooth and shiny” contrast that it adds to the rustic mantel, the difference in textures will be wonderful. So excited to follow along!

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