Celebrations at our home always begin with thoughts about how I can make each occasion or milestone special for those in mind.  We recently celebrated my Mother’s birthday along with my sister in laws too.  The succulent gardens that I used to decorate the table served double duty, as they were gifts for my family as well.  After feasting on a buffet of lasagna and salad we gathered around our table and I believe that the phrase stenciled above the dining room entrance came to fruition.  Of course the chocolate cake for dessert probably helped out just a little bit!  #aroundthetable

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    Lovely! Judging by the stencil, I’d say this Block Party was tailor-made for you! 🙂 Makes me anxious to complete my post and publish it tomorrow! My mom’s birthday is this weekend and lasagne might be the ideal menu for her as well! Thanks for the idea!

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    I love your succulent gardens. Any tips for keeping them alive? I think maybe I over water… Followed by drought… They do well for a while and then it’s over. 🙂

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      Sena, I have found that what you’re doing is good, the drenching then letting them totally dry out. The only other necessity is that the succulents need plenty of sunshine. I live in south Florida so that’s not a problem here!

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