First Impression

This is the #firstimpression you get of my house. What do they say? “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” I have always loved making it look inviting and welcoming. It’s only 22 years old, but it has an old soul. It’s not just a house to me. It’s my friend, of sorts. When I’m feeling blue, it wraps its arms around me and keeps me safe. When I’m happy, it gives me everything I need to share that joy with others. My house, my home, my love story.

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    Oh my Goodness! . . . You are living in a Dream Home! The views and the landscapes are breathtaking! I truly adore the style of your home. Thanks for sharing! I would love to see more of the inside of your home too. 🙂

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    This is a dream! It looks so much like my beloved Rhode Island. My friend Judy lives in a similarly styled home in Kingston, RI but your gardens put it over the top. No wonder you love it.

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    Before I owned a house, your house was the one I dreamed of. I’ve adapted my vision to accommodate the 1980s Pacific Northwest special that I actually own, but if you ever want to swap, let’s talk.

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    Oh I love this style and the gardens are amazing! Definitely a great first impression! You are a lucky lady and I hope you don’t have too many sad days.

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    What a fabulous homestead. It looks like a house where the Little Women would have lived. Isn’t it called a salt box? I love the Americana simplicity. Also love the rich, dark color and gorgeous gardens surrounding it.

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