I acquired the 8ft piece of drift wood, not really knowing what I would do with it, but was so naturally beautiful, I was determined to fit it in somewhere.  My ceiling height restrictions limited me to the stairway.  It makes a great statement in my entryway. Humblenests.tumblr.com

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    Very creative! I love natural pieces like that. I am also drawn to the clear containers beside the door. Is that a collection of matchbooks? And then there’s the Dean Martin album cover, the epitome of cool! šŸ™‚

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      Yes my husband and I are collectors; he collects the matchbooks and I collect 50′-60′ albums,, not for the music but the artwork on the cover. what do you collect?

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        I’ve collected matchbooks, cookbooks, angels, and water pitchers over the years. Now I select more carefully as I now live in a smaller place so my choices are based on the individual appeal of an item…I am still attracted to pottery pieces and items with natural elements to them. I try to support artists in the places I visit or buy local.

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    Gorgeous! I live very near to the Vashon Island and brought home a piece of Driftwood as well. I think it’s beautiful in your home. I think bringing nature inside is soothing to the soul šŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing. I have plans to drill round holes down the center of mine for tea lights to sit in. Then I will put it across the base of my mantel for this summer when I am no longer burning a fire.

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    My family has long thought I was a little nuts for hanging sticks here and here around the house. Nice to know I’m not alone. šŸ™‚ Gorgeous.

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