DIY farmhouse sofa table

My husband worried that anything in this particular spot behind the sofa would potentially block the flow through the kitchen to the back door, but I knew I had to try something…our “outside” shoes were lining up here like a “shoe parking lot” and the grass, leaves and dirt they deposited drove me crazy!! I wanted to find a way to corral the outdoor gear and as a bonus I now have a large horizontal surface to decorate with the seasons! After searching (mostly online) for a “just right” table with a “just right” price tag with no luck, I drew up some plans based on what I saw and liked online and we built this 6ft. long sofa table using basic lumber supplies from Home Depot for about $57 and 2.5 swear words.. The money was spent on 2 x 4 and 1 x 3 lumber – we already had the wood screws, stain, paint, and “L” brackets to attach the top. Brian spent 1.5 swear words on creating the “X” pattern (he wanted to get a little more practice with his router and we figured this was a simple project to do that – this also added a bit of time spent!) and the other swear word was spent on creating the spacing between the slats on the lower shelf. The garage was HOT (it was September) and it took a few tries, but once we finally got it figured out we found a little strip of scrap wood to use as a spacer. A little tip though, wait to attach these until after you have stained/painted them for easier access to the sides of the wood! The frame was assembled using wood screws and a Kreg Jig, and the slats with just a nail gun. Oh, and the galvanized planter buckets are from Ikea.. So far, so good, no bruised hips or stubbed toes on the way to the backyard – and those buckets collect all of the “grit” instead of my socks -yay!

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    Hi Leah! Your Sofa Table looks incredible! I enjoyed your story too! “swear words” lol! I wish I had time to be more of a DIYer. I just spent a small fortune (even though it was half price!) on a rustic looking Kitchen Island that has slats across the bottom too. Anyway, the galvanized buckets are a great idea for both hiding the shoes and adding style. What a Great Inspiration! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

    • 2

      Thank you so much Maria, you are so sweet to comment – it’s my first time posting and I’m not the most computer-savvy person! I’d much rather be sweating over a project in the garage, but lately I have been really longing to connect with other people who enjoy the creative process of decorating and making their dwelling a “home”, so I decided to “move into the neighborhood” of Home Love Stories “Street”. : )
      Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. 3

    Hi, Leah! Welcome to the neighborhood. That’s a great console table/storage element you’ve created. Isn’t it fulfilling to make something yourself that solves a troublesome organization problem?! Well done!

    • 4

      Thank you so much Jennifer! And yes, even though we are not professional builders by any stretch, it is pretty exciting when a project turns out the way you hope it will.: ) This project ended up being a “why didn’t we do this sooner” one for sure!!
      Thanks again, I appreciate the comments and the warm welcome! : )

  3. 5

    This is absolutely adorable, Leah! I’m impressed, it really turned out cute! Great job. I got those same galvanized buckets in a different size recently and I LOVE them!

    Thanks so much for sharing (and welcome to the neighborhood!) xoxo


    • 6

      Oh Melissa, thank you so much! I am super excited to “get settled” in the cutest “neighborhood” in the PNW!
      BTW – I live in Northern California now, but grew up in S.W. Portland (near Multnomah Village) and still have lots of family there! : )

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