Dining Room Love

Morning Sunshine

I wrote a post today taking you on a tour of my dining room. It just makes me so happy in the mornings to see the sunshine pouring in through the windows. Come for a visit to the blog and take a walk around with me! I think you may enjoy the visit. 

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    Hi Debbie! I took a peek over at Mountain Mama. You have such a nice warm & welcoming dining room. It’s great that you have all that natural light pouring through your dining room windows. I don’t have a dining room, just an eat in kitchen with a small side window. I wish I thought to make the window larger before we had our new siding put up last year. Oh well! I do have great afternoon sunlight through the larger windows in the living room, which I love too. You have some really unique antique pieces! And Love your kitchen space too. 🙂

    • 2

      Thank you so much, Maria! It was so gorgeous this morning when I caught the sunrise out those dining room windows – there was this beautiful pink light streaming in and I was so confused until I walked closer – what a gorgeous sunrise! Thanks for coming to visit my blog – I hope you’ll come back for another visit some day!

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