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We moved into this house just about exactly one year ago. When we looked at the house there was really cool industrial Type modern lighting in this room and in the kitchen. One of the things that I really loved about the house. It took me a day or two after we moved in to realize that the previous owners had switched out the lighting!  Didn’t even notice in the walk through ?. So what they left behind isn’t horrible but not the look I’m going for. I need something lighter looking, more modern. Maybe a little edgy or quirky. The room tends to be dark until the afternoon so I’m also trying to lighten and brighten the space.  I need help as I want to try and get this right the first time. Can you help a neighbor out??

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    Oh, that’s really annoying! I’m pretty sure they are supposed to leave anything that’s wired in at the time you made the offer. Hopefully you can find new fixtures you like as well. You should do a post showing some of your options for your room, I’m sure all the neighbors would love to help you decide!!

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      Great idea Melissa, I will post ideas! I agree with your comment about the lighting that should have been left for me as I feel I paid for that when we bought the house. Grrrrr

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    I also need to change my chandelier and lights over the island. I’ve seen a few things at Pottery Barn but nothing seems just right. Hopefully someone has some great ideas! (It’s a lovely room!)

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    I love picking out lighting! What kind of style are you typically drawn to? I’ve been really fond of the look of two pendants over a rectangular table lately, but that would require a little extra work. You mentioned the previous owners had industrial type lighting – is that what you would like to recreate?

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    Hey Barb! I would be so upset if that happened to me. Lighting is not inexpensive and you certainly paid for them. 🙁
    I have selected some ideas and posted them on my Pinterest page under “Lighting Choices”. I think it would be nice to choose a rectangular piece with black metal. I also like the look of two or three pendants in a row.
    I have a shady room as well. I added natural light by using mirrors to reflect the window light. I hate to suggest placing one or two on the wall beside your sideboard cause I really like the items currently on your walls! That being said, I am pleased with the mirrors I used. You might also like a floor lamp in the corner for an additional lighting source. Isn’t it fun to dream about the possibilities! 🙂
    Can’t wait until you show us some samples of what you have in mind!

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      Thanks for your thoughts Nancy. I am still upset about the lighting a year later but once I replace what’s here I think I can have closure lol. I will check out your Pinterest page and once I get a few solid ideas I wil post and have a vote. I do like your floor lamp idea too!

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