Dining Dilemma

So, my dining room has been in transition for a while now. We bought the chairs when the rug and drapes were both beige and solid. Now I’m feeling like the room has too much pattern. The problem is that I love each individual element (pattern-wise) and don’t know which to take out, if any. I want a new dining table and am thinking Belgian Oak or a cream washed wood. I also want to change the buffet wall and the light fixture, but want to wait until I decide on other elements before I tackle those. I’d love to hear what you think.

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    I actually like all the patterns. They are different scales so they look complimentary. you could put a sisal down to calm the patterns a bit if it really bothers you, but i think it looks gorgeous and brave.

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      Thank you! What a thoughtful comment. I like the idea of being brave in decor. It really is all about what makes us happy, isn’t it? I am too often worried about “the rules” or whether visitors will like something. In the end, I think if our home makes us happy, others will feel welcome and at home in it as well. 🙂

  2. 3

    I think I might pull the carpet out and see what that looks like. I often do the same thing, experiment to see which patterns compliment each other and which ones might be one pattern too much.

  3. 4

    At first I thought change the rug, agreeing with the sisal or even a tiny stripe. On second thought, I think if you do end up with a cream washed wood table that color change would help all the patterns blend even better. I actually like the rug a lot.

  4. 5

    I like all the patterns and think they work well together. I think a less formal table may pull things together. If you have time, take a photo with the rug out of the room. Just curious!

  5. 6

    Thank you all! All great suggestions! I will definitely try it without the rug–but may keep it no matter what and try it again when we get the new table. I’ll add pics as we go!

  6. 7

    I agree that all three patterns work together quite nicely, and the rest of the room quietly complements the trio. But if you feel like the combination is a bit overwhelming, then trust your instinct. Since the rug is the easiest element of the three to change, I would definitely experiment with removing that one first. Love the idea of a sisal or a neutral geometric; maybe something with a touch of blue to pick up the small splashes o the large vase and candlesticks.

    Honestly, I love this room just as it is. Spunky and fun, classic and elegant. You have struck a really lovely balance.

  7. 8

    I like the dark table. Wondering if a light one would make room look washed out. I think your rug and curtains, chairs with blue element are lovely. Have you thought about bringing a different color in. . . A big bold splash? Like the color of lamp bases? A painted hutch would look fantastical. Or dare I say, a painted table but not light.

  8. 9

    I think you can try changing the curtains to blue (like the color on the rug )and taking out the small mirror on the wall. I really like the table I feel a light colored table will wash everything out.

  9. 10

    I love the colors and patterns in your room….it is lovely! Have you considered painting the chair legs a creamy color and maybe a two toned table…light base and dark top? I like the dark table top. Please keep us posted!

  10. 11

    I did have another thought after reading all the comments…you could do a whitewashed wood chandelier. that way you could get a cool painted finish in there and it could contrast against the table. If you changed not one thing in this room, it would still be totally awesome and unique.

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      Yes! The one I am planning to order is the Belgian Oak orb light from Restoration Hardware. I think that and a table in that same tone or cream will help.

  11. 14

    The room is quite lovely but I feel there are too many patterns. How about swapping out the rug for a neutral sisal one and pulling a color from the chairs and hanging solid draps in that color? Just a thought.

  12. 15

    I like the overall vibe. However, I think your issue is really a question of scale. The curtains and the chairs have patterns that are the same size, and that is why it feels off. The rug and the curtains work nicely together, and so do the chairs and the rug, but the curtains and the chairs are fighting each other for attention. Curtains are probably cheaper to switch, and either a plaid or a small scale pattern might feel calmer. Please publish your final decision so we can see what you chose!

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  14. 17

    Love the ideas! Keep them coming! Changing the curtains is not an option, since I JUST had them custom made and they were the inspiration for the whole room. Unfortunately, that started a domino effect (doesn’t that always seem to be the case??) and now it seems like I’m replacing everything. I’ll try to figure out how to post a picture of the before and you can see where I started. The goal was to lighten it up and add color. With that in mind, I’ll stick with the chairs, curtains and rug for now and change the table. Then, I’ll try the old beige rug again.
    I will order the table soon and we’ll go from there, I think! Will keep you all posted!

  15. 18

    Angela, I actually love your mix of patterns, especially the curtains and rug. Your dining chairs are great as well. I would start with those and possibly recover in a solid, light cream color fabric and leaving the hardware detail on them. Your table and buffet are wonderful too. Why don’t you try painting them in a light ivory color as well. I recently painted a piece of furniture using Belle Craie chalk paint and it was so easy – no fumes, no sanding required and easy clean up- and it turned out beautiful. You could also paint the chair legs. You have a beautiful room.

  16. 19

    I think you have done a beautiful job designing this room. I agree with the comments of scale in the patterns. My first thought was the rug could be changed for a more neutral but the more I look at it I think maybe the curtains instead. I think linen panels in a khaki/tan color that coordinates with the tan in the chairs would look nice. It’s a timeless look that you won’t easily tire of. A light table would look great and maybe a darker iron chandelier to compliment the mirror.

  17. 20

    The patterns in your room are gorgeous. I agree with you about changing out the lighting fixture. Maybe looking at the buffet wall differently would help. I love the pattern of the curtains, chairs, and rug! Beautiful, sophisticated, fun, light, and relaxing all at the same time. I’m always too hesitant to play with pattern. I’m taking some tips from your picture. Thank you!

  18. 21

    The room is beautiful but I find myself staring at the chairs to make sense of the medallions. I would try a solid blue on the chairs or a solid with a pin-dot for texture. Sorry my idea is such an expensive one! Otherwise, a beautiful room. Best of luck!

  19. 22
  20. 23

    This room is exquisite. I am only making suggestions cause you asked. I think the patterns of the curtain and chairs are maybe too close in scale. Maybe it is the medallions that should be toned down.. But I’m not sure you want an expensive change. I love the darker table and I’m not sure about going cream. I’d go for a more saturated colour in your lamps. But wow…I would love to see more of your home and I’d love to have a more bold approach to my decorating just like you!

  21. 24

    I’m a little late to this party, but I just stumbled across this post and loved the discussion. What if you slipcovered four of the chairs in a linen/white type color and left two as is? This might quiet some of the area around your table, but still allow you to enjoy all the patterns you love in the space. I think it’s a beautiful room and personally, I love the dark wood accents you have in there now. I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

  22. 25

    I too only offer my two cents because you ask!
    Personally I like the wood colors as they are. Beige is already well represented in the room and changing the table to light may give it too much sameness. I enjoy a space with a not quite discernible amount of tension. Also play with putting in a larger table? That might be what you are feeling is off, as now it’s a bit swallowed up by chairs and their patterns that almost make a closed ring. Might make room grounded and balanced. If you change a fabric, my vote is the chairs to plain – but think in your room they do benefit by being covered.
    I very much like the colors, pieces and arrangement display on your buffet!! I also really like your light fixture in that room! And smart curtain placement close to height of ceiling!

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