D I Y coffee table- l.o.v.e.

Putting rooms together for me, always takes time. I like to find pieces that aren’t “matchy” but go together. 

When my husband and I finally found couches we agreed we liked, we went on searching for a coffee table, and boy was that tough. I really wanted a square coffee table, but couldn’t find one I loved. So I decided, we will make one! And make one we did! And I LOVE it! Now to find that area rug

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    Hi Zenia! Your coffee table turned out so nice! I like that you chose a dark stain for both this table and your dining table. It give’s your space a little rustic appeal that compliments the contemporary eclectic look you are going for. Beautiful!! 🙂

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    Your coffee table is beautiful! You are obviously talented not only in design but application and creation of gorgeous prices! Enjoy!

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    Oops meant “pieces”. Not prices. lol. In fact, I’m sure you dated yourself a boat load of money making this piece yourselves. ?

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