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    Hello Della
    I love, love everything you have done in your home……it’s so warm, cozy and inviting!!!
    It is clear that you pay attention to details as every corner reflects your creative touch. The photo of your dining room is fantastic….so many interesting elements to look at.
    Enjoy the holiday season!!!!

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    How utterly beautiful, you have such wonderful taste. I adore that tablecloth and have been trying to find a similar one for several years now. I would love to be able to do a ‘tasteful’ room. Trouble is, my hubby who didn’t ‘do Christmas’ until he met me wants to cover every surface with Christmas themed items. I think he is making up for lost time.

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    Thanks Cheri,
    Your comment was funny,about hubby!..My mom always had a tablecloth like this..I found it one yr at a garage sale..for $2 ..I love the color decorating at this time of yr is such fun!
    Have a very Merry Christmas❤️

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    Love your tree collection and arrangement, Della. I have a collection of driftwood Santas that I arrange at my mom’s place and your arrangement reminds me of those. I live in Nova Scotia and enjoy seeing how people from miles apart share such similar tastes and traditions. Have a lovely Christmas season!

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    It was kind of you to reply…What a wonderful,place you live!.The weather here in the
    Ozarks has been so warm and mild..but inside its full of cheer and I’m sure your home is.
    Trees and Santas are so easy to find and decorate with..the trees I keep up till spring.
    Merry Christmas..and happy decorating next year!..Thankyou

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    Hi Della! Your home is so beautifully decorated! It’s just like walking into a Country Gift Shoppe at Christmas time!! I especially love how you decorated your mantel with festive garland and Santa’s! Your throw pillows are beautiful! Are they hand made? You have made your home so Warm & Welcoming! Thank you for inviting us in! Have a Very Merry Christmas! Hugs! 🙂

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