Choosing the Right Builder

We had land.  Next up, finding someone to build our new home.  There are so many different builders.  We have been planning this for a while, so we had a general idea of what we wanted in a house.  We spoke to people who had built recently and decided to interview 2 different builders.  One builder specialized in “green” building.  That sounded appealing.  Who wouldn’t want a environmental sound home? The other builder had built homes for several of our friends.  His work is beautiful.

We met with the “green” builder.  They told us about their work.  It was impressive.  They explained how green building works.  Sounded good to us!  Energy efficient?  Sign us up!! They asked a lot of questions about what we were looking for in a house.  Then came the scary part.  The price.  Whoa.  We knew we were asking for a lot.  We had no idea how much “a lot” would cost.  A lot.  Building green comes with  a hefty price tag!  We agreed to meet on site the following week.  We left and immediately went to have an adult beverage!

We met with the second builder.  The conversation was very similar.  The pricing was less, but only because it was not as green.  At this point we were getting used to the numbers.  It was not as shocking.  We arranged for our next meeting to happen on site.

After meeting with each builder on site we were ready to make a decision.  While both would have built us a wonderful home, we went with the builder who had built homes for some of our friends.  It came down to personality.  We felt that our builder really understood us, and we would enjoy working with him on this.   After all, we were about to spend the next 2 years working really closely with him.  We needed to make sure we enjoyed that time!  

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    Sounds like you made the right choice! I agree that your contractor and being able to work with them for the long haul will make the whole process so much better! Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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