Baking on a Rainy Spring Day

Today I lit a small fire in the wood stove to get the chill out of the air. I decided it felt like a day for a hot cup of coffee and healthy muffins. Rain gets me wanting comfort food! (Thatโ€™s a bit of a problem since it rains about 300 days a year in this part of the country! lol )
I left the back door open and listened to the rain gently falling off the roof. Cleaned a bit and caught up on laundry. I just took it easy & worked at a leisurely paceโ€ฆ sorting papers, folding laundryโ€ฆ It felt so good to just appreciate the simplicity of being home. It feels to refreshing to clean and look around and see how tidy things can look with a little bit of effort.

These are my Morning Glory Muffins made with ground buckwheat, coconut oil, Greek yogurt, fresh berries and mashed bananas . They turned out so delicious!

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    For a minute there I felt like I was at your home visiting. You captured that rainy day feel in your story. Those muffins look so yummy! I love the name of them as morning glories are a favorite flower if mine.

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    Nila, I can definitely relate to the amount of annual rainfall…it’s very similar here in Belgium. Yum, comfort food! That reminds me of my youth in the South when there was always something homemade to eat at home and at friends’. Though, your muffins look much healthier than those I remember back home!

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      You are right the weather here is very similar to that area of Europe! I lived over there for a while. When remodeling my home I put a lot of thought & research into the homes in this time period. A lot of the homes were built by the immigrants that came through this area at that time. Most came from English or Scandinavian background. I then looked into those cultures what colours were used, textiles , building materials etc. it’s truly amazing how time period & culture alike built this melting pot. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    You seem to be the baking queen on this site. My stomach is growling looking at your muffins. I like the way you described the rain where you live. Here in Florida, our rain is the opposite of yours. Ours is loud, torrential, and abrupt, but I like it anyway: heat and humidity you know. And no, I can’t open the door or window in any amount to listen to the rain because it can rain so hard and the rain water will get into the house. Is your kitchen cottage style? Looks like it to me and I love it.

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      Hanh I know exactly what you mean! I’m a Florida girl myself! Grew up in Central FL , lightening Capitol of the world for a while lol I do miss the thunder & lightening in the summers

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    Your kitchen looks so, so, so pretty! Wow. I just love it. There is something about a white kitchen that just gets me. And the muffins look and sound delicious. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I love days like that!

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    I can almost smell those muffins. I was planning on baking this evening but have been chatting on craft sites. I don’t do Facebook but love craft forums. And I utterly adore your dog. I have a bead pattern that looks exactly like him. I may have to make some airedale earrings while I nurse my poorly hubby. He had a really nasty accident at work on Friday and has broken a rib and two fingers. Blacked his eye and badly grazed his face after falling head first from a lorry.

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      Oh Cheri I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s mishap at work. Broken ribs are so painful. I hope he’s able to take time off & mend. I know it’s going to be tough with your handy man out of order ! When my husband complained that he felt like something was wrong , like a “cat scratch… ” I told him to get to work painting the house, no excuses! Later we learned it was the shingles!!! I still feel bad to this day for being a slave driver ๐Ÿ™

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    Your day sounds so serene Nila. I could use one of those. You captured how I feel when I spend a day at my own pace. It is restorative. Some days I feel everyone you meet is in such a rush that I wonder if they are enjoying their lives. Nice to take a moment and acknowledge the great things nature has to offer. It is a long weekend here and I am off tomorrow on a day trip with my friends…another wonderful way to spend a day! ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy your weekend!

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    Nila, every time I see a picture of your kitchen it makes me smile – such a lovely space. And I love Josie breathing in the wonderfully rainy air through that dutch door. Don’t even get me started on those muffins!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 14

    Hi Nila! Again, another adorable pic your Josie! I just love this area of your kitchen! It is so quaint! I have a similar recipe for Cranberry Banana Oat Muffins. I had made them a few times around the holidays when I was able to find fresh cranberries in the grocery store. They were a big hit with my family. Yours look amazing too! I’m glad you were able to find day to just slow down a little, yet still get things accomplished. Thanks for sharing your day with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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