#around the table with flowers

Just back from a perfect few days at the beach and found the milk bottle tray from Decor Steals in the mail.  I could not wait to fill it with flowers from the garden.  The long tray is also from Decor Steals.  Shells are found on the trip.  

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    Sheran, I just adore your table and the talblescape you having going on there. I just got a very nice cottage style table from the thrift store for $20. It was delivered this morning; now it is in my dining/library room. So now I can eat, drink, and read there because the space also has daybed. If I have time, I will post the new update to that space of mind. But your table gives me inspiration!

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    I love both of them! The milk bottle tray is such a throwback to simpler times and gives your space uniqueness. How nice to be able to display vacation finds…keeps the memories going. Thanks for sharing Sheran! 🙂

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    That is so pretty with all of the flowers! I would love to have both of those now! I saw those on Decor Steals but didn’t buy either of them. Love the way you used them. Great job, Sheran!

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