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    Now that’s a tradition that I share with you! Haven’t done it in a little while but a couple of friends and I used to have tea time at least once a week. I miss it!! My husband does make our tea every morning and night though when he’s in town.

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    Any day, anytime I enjoy a cup with friends. My preference is coffee but I’ve enjoyed many happy hours sipping tea as well.
    I was so pleased to identify the Victoria sponge…I watched a reality show – British Baking contest several weeks ago. Enjoyed it so much and learned a thing or two as well. I use to teach Foods and Nutrition in my former life! 🙂

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      Anytime Hanh! I love having afternoon tea or just a coffee with friends or family. I always use my tea set it isn’t displayed just for show. I have a thing for all white China so if mine did get broken I would just replace it easily x

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