A table for any occasion

I found this granite dining table at a consignment store outside of Philadelphia. We’d just moved into a townhome that only had one designated eating space. Consequently, with two young kids at home, I knew that whatever table I bought would have to be able to take a beating. Not only would it be where we ate most of our family meals, but it would also be used for holiday dinners, homework, arts and crafts, board games, mail sorting, birthday parties, and wine nights. It had never occurred to me to look for a granite table, but as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect. It was pretty enough for entertaining, yet durable enough to withstand scissor scratches and glitter glue. 

Our current house does have an eat-in kitchen, so now this is back to being a regular old “dining table.” I kind of miss eating all of our meals here. Dining rooms so seldom get used, but they usually are such beautiful, serene spaces. #aroundthetable

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    That’s a neat table! I love that you found one that was not only pretty to look at but useful for everything from homework to crafts to family dinners. That’s my kind of table! 🙂 Even if we don’t sit at our table all the time there’s just something I love about seeing it there!! It inspires me to use it for all those wonderful purposes that bring a family together!

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      Thanks Melissa! I agree there’s something nice about having one table in the house that is “company ready” and not always cluttered with a zillion things.

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