A Small Start

Today I made a start on my resolution to slowly replace my utilitarian items with ones I love. I adore white mismatched plates with interesting edges. I found these lotus plates from anthropologie (sp?) that I think are beautiful, but just couldn’t pay the hefty price tag. 

Today I found almost exactly the same thing at Walmart! I picked up 3 to start my collection! So excited to make a start on my plan!

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    What a great find! I too LOVE white/ off white dishes. I have the same set for years now and I don’t grow tired of it because it’s so simple and can be dressed any way. I think you are going to be really happy with it. What a great find at Walmart too! World Market also has a lot of replicas from Anthropologie.. 🙂

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    Enjoy this new journey, Adrienne! Warning: it may lead you to many addictive weekend morning jaunts to flea markets always in search of that perfect piece or two to add to your set. The choice of white scalloped plates will give you lots of options to mix and match with bowls, coffee cups, salad/dessert plates, etc to create your unique style. You could keep the palette completely neutral if that suits you or add some color to your heart’s content. You could eventually use these plates as the base component for several different sets–one mixed and matched for the holidays, one for every-day use, one for… You have been warned! 🙂

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    Oh I love these plates! I agree with Jennifer. This is just the start of many great treasure hunts! My addiction was linen napkins and dish towels. Well anything linen really. I ended up with 40 napkins! Was able to help out a friend who was throwing a wedding rehearsal dinner! 🙂 so it was worth it. 🙂 That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Enjoy the hunt!

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    Oh, I have so many fond memories of searching for plates to add to my collection. The thrill of the hunt is my favorite.

    Yay! I hope you have a lot of fun, you have a great start already!

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    Hi Adrienne! I Love your new dishes! What a smart idea to shop for them a little at a time. It will make it more fun to see what else you can find to go with them! Keep us posted! 🙂

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