A Quick Fix

On my list of home goals for this year is updating our living room space and making the area more representative of my style.  When Mr. Wonderful and I married, this sofa set and rug were already in place and functioning just fine, so it was a high priority.  Now I’m ready for change.  

First change, I rearranged a bit.  My goal will be a leather sofa and two matching armchairs in front of the lovely windows, with a table or ottoman between.  

I knew the rug was too small for the size and shape of the room and the coffee table too large.  So, I’ve been watching for economic ideas to update these items first.  When I saw a large, high-quality rug on Craigslist, I was eager to see if the colors would work for us.  

It was a match!  So, while it is just a small change, I’m thankful for this little way to step toward my goals.  Thank you for peeking!

The lighting is better in the photos below, but you can see the rug is too small for the space.  

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    What a great find in that rug, Missy! You have a beautiful room and those windows are to die for. Seriously, I would give anything to have that kind of natural light in my house. Looking forward to seeing the progress as you put your own spin on it! 🙂

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