A Pair of Chairs

Uggs, right?  I got them at Salvation Army for $75 TOTAL. I wanted wing chairs, but had very little money to make it happen.

Here they are all redone in fabric I already had from another house.  The chairs live happily in my “mommy room”.  This is where I have coffee and chat with my sister on the phone.  It is literally the only place in my house I can keep clean.  It is filled with left overs, hand me downs and unfinished projects, but it is ALL MINE.  Sorry if the deer head offends, but it is my dad’s.  His name is Murdered Murphy and my dad shot him when he was sixteen.  My mom was going to throw him away.  My dad loves him so I love him. He started out as just a christmas decoration, but then my boys begged to keep him there “all de time”

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    I love the way your wingbacks turned out. I am always looking for chairs at Goodwill or yard sales to redo. Lots of fun!

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