A mint teen girls room

This is my 13 year old daughters room, she loves the colour mint. She chose accessories that are very her and added personal touches. She loves her room but needs reminding to keep it clean and tidy! Being a mum to a teen is tough! (But I wouldn’t change her for the world) 

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    A lovely room Amanda. I can see why she loves it! As far as her keeping it tidy….my daughter is 17 and we haven’t solved that problem yet either. I would love to hear any good ideas on that issue!

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    Sad to say girls but my 35 year old daughter needed to get her own place before she really developed a love of neat and tidy! It’ll happen. 🙂
    I adore this room. From the mannequin to the little owl ! Such style!
    I am currently working on my guest room which I call the girls’ room for my daughter and granddaughters depending on who is staying over. When the seat cushion arrives for the window seat, I’ll be sharing a post on it.

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      Oh dear I have a long wait for neat then ! ? can’t wait to see your room! Do you know if there are ways on here to see if people have messaged/commented without checking each post? I don’t want to be rude and miss anyone x

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        I went a long time thinking no one had commented. Then I replied to messages and each time there is a message on that story I get an email. I’m not sure if it works all the time so occasionally I check my own stories again to be sure…there was one that I missed but only one.

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    Your daughter’s room is lovely. The color of the walls and decor are very girly….I would have loved a room like that when I was a teenager! Did you crochet the grey and white afghan? I really like it! And about the messy bedroom issue, my daughter is 17 and still doesn’t keep her room neat. Must be a teenager thing.

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