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Just trying to figure this out! Here’s a little wall sign we’ve been working on… Still isn’t hung, but I love it. There are string lights behind the letters that we turn on at night. 

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    When I select this post from several on the prior page, under “You May Also Like” it takes me to Molly’s post, but no photo. Am in Boone, NC today, planning to visit a booth-type gallery that has an artist featuring large rusted letters in different fonts. Wanted to see what Molly’s sign was made from and what she has done with it.

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      Scroll down in stories and you’ll be able to see a little bit bigger picture. I can’t figure out how to add a picture in my content, once you click on my story!

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    I love the real-world touch of your softly rumpled bed. I just don’t have time to create a perfect, wrinkle-free bed every day, and it’s nice to remember that a carefree bedroom can still look amazing

    Also, the sign is great. .

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