A walk in nature

One of my favorite spots to walk the dogs is through “5 mile Drive” We always begin our hike in the rose gardens. Just walking under them makes me feel so full of life!

Once in the garden I take my time reading name plaques of the roses and each year I find my “Favorite” species and order it for my own garden. This is a winner for this year & I can’t wait to plant it at home!

After I’ve had my fill of these beauties, I usually let Josie and Annie (my 2 fur kids) cool off through a shaded walk through the woods, along the cliffs and down to the water

We head out a little too late in the morning and missed seeing a family of 7 Orca! We hope to have better timing next time. 
The “Narrows Bridge” in the distance suspends From Tacoma to Gig Harbor. The old bridge, that fell in 1940, remains beneath the waters. Today, its skelaton sits below in the base of the water and is home to the world’s largest octopus population that could grow to 600lbs! I found it very interesting to hear that there was an Octopus Wrestling Festival in our town until the 1960’s! lol I am thinking of getting an octopus throw pillow for the sofa, but I am having to convince the hubby that it’s cute. haha It’s cute… right?

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    Octopus throw pillow? I take the side of your bubby here. I love all the pictures here. Even I feel full of life looking at them Roses are my one of two favorite flowers. The other one being the poppies.. I have no green thump so once your have your roses all grown and bloomed, please send some my way:)

  3. 3

    Ok, my new ambition is now to live in your neighborhood. How wonderful to have that walk nearby! I would go every day! P.S. I am IN LOVE with rose bushes, I would totally plant a new bush each year like you!

  4. 4

    I’m totally in favor of an Octopus pillow Nila! I like when decor reflects the area where the home is. I’m betting you find just the perfect one! 🙂
    What a beautiful spot to walk! Love those roses! Thanks for sharing!

  5. 5

    Wow, everything is just so beautiful! The shady walk is so serene and the view of the water is the cherry on top of your walk. I am in favor of the octopus pillow, maybe a subtle ode to the octopus though. Thanks for sharing

  6. 6

    Thanks so much for coming along on our walk. I’m glad y’all were able to see how special it is 🙂 I was tickled pink that some of you were on board with the tribute to the octopus lol I just found one on pottery barn , will wait until it goes on sale 😉

  7. 7

    What a beautiful walk!! I would love a place like that to wander. I too am totally on board with the octopus pillow – I think it would be an adorable tribute to the area you live in. 🙂

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