The Home Love Stories Homeowners Association

We don’t want to rain on the neighborhood parade, but in order to have a safe, orderly, lawful and welcoming community, we’ve got to have a few rules and guidelines.

1. This is a G rated community. Post anything other than G rated photos or words and you will be immediately evicted. 

2. Be neighborly. No door to door sales people. You can certainly invite others to your outside blogs and link to your posts, but just remember Home Love Stories is intended to be a real community in itself, not just a place to drop links and run. Be considerate of your neighbors. To have friends you have to be a friend. So along those lines, don’t sell products or be overly promotional. We will have to suspend your account if you aren’t being neighborly in any way. If in doubt, ask.

3. Be law abiding citizens. Use your own photos, ones that you have copyright to. You are responsible for the legality of your own content so make sure any have the right to publish any content or images you upload, including your profile image, banner or story content and images. By setting up a profile and posting on this site, you agree to uphold the rules and regulations of this site and to not infringe upon the rights of others. Legal jargon to come but just use your own content, be a good neighbor, and you’ll be fine.

4. Home Love Stories is owned and trademarked by the owner of The Inspired Room blog, which is also trademarked. Please, don’t make me contact lawyers to defend my own trademark. 

5. Home Love Stories reserves the sole right to advertise and or sell products on Home Love Stories to support the costs of maintenance, servers and staff for this site.

Thank you for your cooperation! Now, go have fun!