Master Bath: Demo Day!

The master bath was always on our list to renovate – it was by far our least favorite aspect of the house. In fact, we almost didn’t buy the house because of the weird layout of the vanity/sink being in the actual bedroom. Of course, things have a way of working themselves out and in April, we realized the shower tile was buckling off the wall and that our bathroom renovation would need to start sooner than planned (by about a year!). No point in doing a temporary fix if we were going to tear it out anyways. 

Oh, and while we’re at it (my husband loves it when I say this) we decided to re-do the floors to match the rest of the main house and so we could rip out the gun safe in the corner of the master. Doesn’t everyone want a gun safe in their bedroom taking up a corner that could otherwise have a fantastic piece of furniture? No? People are weird, y’all. 

In the master bath, we took out the wall separating the vanity from the water closet and then built a wall, separating the bathroom from the bedroom. Completely understand why people would want to keep the tub/toilet separate and this was something I debated as well. But in the end, to make the most of the space, and to widen the shower (it was pretty narrow at 27 in.), it made more sense to make it all in one room. We have another tub in the hall bathroom so this will be a walk-in shower with a bench. 

This week, we’ve got the plumber, electrician and dry wall guy coming. It’s not too bad losing a bathroom for a few weeks since we have two others, but I do miss our King Size bed! 

Have you done a bathroom reno? What was your least favorite part? What was your favorite part?