I don‘t even know how old my table really is. Why? Because it started out as my mom‘s. Yep, this is a hand me down and I love it! It used to be light oak with light oak chairs. The poor thing under went a huge transformation a few years ago. My husband painted is this gorgeous dark brown color and we bought new chairs. Now it feels updated and brand new. But all the memories and traditions still remain. This table has seen it all. From my kids setting in their booster seats carving pumpkins to family dinner conversations where we laughed until we cried. The running joke in our family is we can‘t eat out in public because our conversations always turn into something goofy…nothing bad, honest!

Now we mainly use it for holidays. With just the two of us at home, we usually eat our meals at the bar in the kitchen. Our first grandson is due this summer and I can‘t wait to do all the fun things with him that I did with his mom at this table. Rest assured, during the holidays when we all gather together again, all the laughter and crazy stories come back!