This is a free, safe and welcoming community (online and on mobile!) where we can all come together to share our homes (big or small, rented or owned!) and all the adventures of creating a sanctuary (no matter where we hang our hats!).

One quick note, we decided it was necessary to move the whole community over to Facebook! You can find the new neighborhood here. You can still share your home there and we’ll do all the same fun things we did here!

As a blogger at The Inspired Room and author of the New York Times Best Selling book ‘Love the Home You Have’, I share my home and life with anyone who wants to read it. I adore blogging and that community I’ve found. But the truth is, as much as I love telling MY stories, I really just want you all to move in next door to me, on the same block, in the same neighborhood so I can get to know YOUR stories (but by now you probably would know better than to move near me, I might just see another house I love and decide to move! I’m still a little crazy like that).

But since actually becoming next door neighbors is probably not going to happen, I decided I should just create my own virtual online neighborhood and invite y’all to move in! For free. It’s my gift to you and in turn, I know your friendship will become a gift to me and everyone else in the community!

This site was a labor of love. Best of all, you don’t have to have a blog to join. HOORAY! 
You don’t have to be a pro at social media. You don’t have to have a big following to be noticed. You can belong and be a part of this because you are among friends, kindred spirits. Fellow house-shaped heart friends.

We want to get to know you! Show us your home, tell us about your decorating or remodeling adventures, give us a peek at your favorite room or corner, show off your home organization projects, tell us why you love your home.

This is a neighborhood where we can show good old fashioned hospitality! Invite neighbors in for tea and coffee, share where you live and build community among new friends. We all live in different corners of this great big world but we all share a love of home. So let’s make this big world a little smaller and build a close community here!

Don’t worry about keeping up with the Jones’ in this neighborhood, our homes here are all a bit of a beautiful mess. We can enjoy the simple things like a lovely bouquet on our table, the pretty bed we just made, the joy of a clean kitchen and even the happiness found in rallying those we love around the dinner table. We can share the love of pets in the home, a happy family and traditions we create at home, too!

We cannot wait to host block fun parties, tour open houses, delight in your before and afters, and celebrate the seasons with you all. So, come on over the our new facebook neighborhood, settle in and make yourself at home.

We are so glad you are here!

Disclaimer: Users granted permission for any posts or photos uploaded to Home Love Stories to be featured on The Inspired Room (theinspiredroom.net), pinned to Pinterest or shared on social media for promotional purposes.