??Christmas Tablescape #1

??So how do you create a tablescape with things you have or are unexpected!….. Let me show you some useful ideas.


??Use an all year chalkboard from Target and change the noting depending on the occasion.  I am using this for Thanksgiving but yet using it again for a Xmas table… I think it works don’t you?

??I used a shower curtain, yes a shower curtain from PotteryBarn as a tablecloth.  Don’t let a nowhere-to-be-found tablecloth stop you from creating what you want….look for shower curtains, bedroom sheets, towels, scarfs and blankets.


??I used a dollar checkered little sack from TargetOne-Spot and filled it with kisses and placed it on each serving….just a little something for our guest to take with them….or a treat for a family member to enjoy.  These chalkboard placemats were also found there.  Target has great things in that dollar or $3 spot…. Always look in there! And get them as you see them, because they disappear pretty fast!

??I hope you were inspired…. Now go create your table using some of the ideas here…. And I would love to see what you create!

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