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Maria Newell
I am a 49 yr. old Mother, Housewife, and a small Business Owner. My passion is maintaining, decorating and making our home a comfortable and cozy place to LOVE and LIVE!
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Finally Feeling Like Fall!

Hi! It’s been busy around here and haven’t felt much like posting. My family and myself have been (for about the past 7 months), and continue to be going through some of life’s challenges. Maybe someday I will explain. But for now . . . With this warm weather, It really hasn’t been feeling like fall around here even though I had decorated around the house a few weeks ago. But TODAY 🙂 I woke up and thought, “I would like to share some of my fall decorating with you!” Welcome back to my Living Room! 🙂

I haven’t been making any frivolous purchases lately, with my predicament and all, but I redecorated a little since last Fall’s posting, using things I already had. 🙂

I had brought down my sons old dresser that he left behind when he moved out. I wanted to paint it white before I showed this to you, but there has been absolutely no time for DIY projects around here! Actually, I do like the contrast of the darker wood against the light back ground. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear from you. 🙂

The one thing I did do, was purchase these drawer knobs from 

TJ Max a few weeks ago. I figured $7.99 wouldn’t break the bank! 🙂

                                  HAPPY FALL YA’LL! 🙂

Coastal-Rustic Sun Porch

Hi! Welcome to my sun porch! I did a post of my back porch a couple of years ago. Basically, the changes are all furniture right now. This chair was my latest addition to my porch and seems to be everyones favorite!

My Favorite Little Pillow!

The oak sofa table and end tables shown in the photos below were from my living room. I have been gradually transforming my that room over the past year and a half. I didn’t want to get rid of these pieces because they are in such great condition. They may not be the latest trend but I think they can pass the test of time! lol

You will notice through these photos that I laid down an area rug. I really need to get new flooring. It is not in our budget right now. So I found this area rug and thought I would try it out to see which way to go when we were ready to redo the floor. I love the colors and texture, but after laying it down, I realized that if I was to buy carpeting out here, this choice would be too light. Especially because most of my furniture is dark and my stone wall is made up of darker earth tones. Unfortunately, I did return the rug.

This brown recliner and the sofa are fairly new. We had purchased these last year after my son moved out and took our 3 yr old sectional, that was in our family room, with him. lol. We decided on these pieces for the family room, but after about 4 months, my husband was tired of sitting in on the recliner every night. This set was very inexpensive and I feel that we kind of rushed into it. Our other porch furniture was old and I was constantly try to keep the slipcovers clean. So we decide to get rid of that furniture and bring up the sofa and recliner. We like this set so much better on the porch. We then bought a new sofa and love seat for our family room. So much more comfy after a long day! 🙂

I hope to hear from you soon. It’s been a while 🙂

Have a Great Summer everyone!

Budget Friendly Farmhouse Kitchen

Welcome to my Farmhouse Kitchen Above!


BELOW is my Inspiration Photo! Our kitchen makeover started when we went to the Stone Shop to pick out a remnant for our new Laundry Room cabinet. We had renovated our Laundry room earlier this past summer and chose all new white cabinets. We found this gray leather textured granite remnant. We liked it so much that we decided to replace the laminate counter top in our kitchen. We decided not to replace our oak cabinets for now, but wanted to take down the blue tile backsplash. We had looked at several tile samples to replace the blue tile that would have coordinated beautifully with the oak cabinets. Then, we decided that is was too expensive and not in our budget right now, being that we had not planned on doing a kitchen makeover so soon. We went with shiplap for the backsplash instead. I always loved the idea of shiplap. It took some convincing, but my husband liked the inspiration photos I found online of beautiful kitchens with shiplap. 

So thats what us Do-It Yourselfers did! Shiplap! I even googled how to build a farmhouse window frame and I think my husband got it right! Yay! We had taken out our 3 tier shelf that was attached to the corner cabinet you see in the photo below on the left. This would make room for the new window frame.

BELOW: New farmhouse faucet! We didn’t plan to replace our faucet when we purchased the granite. When the stone company came out to measure our countertop, we told them our faucet was only a couple of years old, so they measured 4 holes to accommodate what we already had. (You can see the old faucet in the 1st BEFORE photo above.) After the new countertop and new under mount sink were installed, we had put the original faucets back in, only to find that there was a leak coming from the hot & cold fixture that could not be repaired. I really wasn’t planning to buy new fixtures. Fortunately, we were able to special order these beautiful farmhouse fixtures that would accommodate 4 precut holes! A little pricy for our budget, so much so that after my husband and I left the shop from ordering them, I started to cry. But my husband reassured me that it was okay and these would probably last forever! 🙂

I love our rustic Kitchen Island! I actually had purchased this last winter, a few months after our floors were installed. I think this was my first inspirational piece that would eventually lead us to this!

I have some thoughts for more changes:

1. Keep the oak cabinets and eventually Sand & Refinish them. Then replace the chrome hardware with black rustic hardware.

2. Paint lower cabinets medium gray, with lighter gray cabinets above.

3. Paint top & bottom cabinets white.

What do you think?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by during this busy Holiday Season.:)

Wishing you all very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Fall’in for Farmhouse Part 2

Hi Ladies! I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall Season! I had mentioned in my last post that I have incorporated some new furniture pieces & wall decor in my Living Room. You might notice some of the changes if you have followed my postings of this room in the past. I seem to have leaned towards a little bit of a Farmhouse look to go with what I already have in this room. What do you think of it? Does it work??

I wouldn’t usually think of buying a floral pillow for Fall, but I was drawn in by the orange embroidered flowers & burnt orange trim. I think it kind of works. What do you think?

I am really happy with my living room space now, all except for this area rug that I bought after the Holidays last Winter. When I had the new flooring put in my bedroom, I had moved the 2 area rugs that were previously in this room, up into that room They were lighter in color and seemed fit in better with the color scheme. With this rug, I feel that the large pattern & color is too bold for the look I want to achieve in this room now. And it has been very difficult to find throw pillows to coordinate with, So I am on the hunt for a more neutral color rug for in front of my dark love seat. 

I do want to mention that I don’t mind this pattern for the runner as you enter my home, as you can see in the 2 photos below. So, that will be staying. 🙂

I actually made this “Thankful” banner below, last Fall & didn’t even get the chance to post it! So My message from this banner is that I am “Thankful” for my Family & “Thankful” for my humble little Home . . . 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 🙂

Fall’in for Farmhouse Part 1

Welcome! I am finally ready for Fall! We recently had some long over due painting done in our Kitchen & Family Room! What a big difference! Fresh white painted ceilings & trim! And lighter painted walls with a paint color called Grayish. So I thought I would start my Fall decorating with this Table Scape by adding some Farmhouse details including 2 New wicker chairs for either end of my table. 🙂

I wanted to mention that this weekend we will be doing some demolition on the opposite side of our kitchen. Yay! We will be making some small kitchen renovations including taking down our blue tile back splash. Please follow along to see what material we have decided to use for a backsplash to replace the tile. We will also be replacing our laminate counter top with granite! I am so excited! 

Lets keep in touch . . . I will be posting my Living Room soon, that is now ready for Fall. I added a couple of new furniture pieces and a few new decorating pieces to start giving this space a fresher, more updated look. 

Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

How My New Home Office Came to Be . . . 

Hi Neighbors! It’s been a while! The past few months have been very busy for our family, around our home & new adventures for our kids(young adults!). We installed New flooring in the Kitchen and Living Room which I have already posted. My husband and I fell in love with the color & style of the floors, that we decided to have the same flooring laid in our Master Bedroom and my Daughter’s room on the second floor of our home. 

After our contractor laid the floors, and the room was empty, I decided to give the wall a fresh coat of light gray paint and repaint the white trim a brighter white. Then we moved all my daughter’s furniture back in her room. Her New bedroom looked so bright and refreshing. I should have taken some photos. So, about 2 weeks after all the renovations in her room, she decided that wanted to move out and get an apartment. That was not expected so soon! But, I am so proud of my Megan . . . wanting her independence. (She really is only a hop, skip and a jump from us, which we are very happy about. I actually see her more now than when she lived at home! So towards the end of April, I moved my home office from a small section in our Family Room to my own space. I’m having a lot of fun working on the progress of this room between work & family. So this is what I have done so far. 🙂


AFTER . . .

I will have more updates on the rest of the my office space. What to do with enclosing the closets?? Wood bi-fold doors or Drapes? Any suggestions?? 

A Hint of Winter & New Flooring!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Well, I totally missed showing you Christmas around the House! I was so busy with work and couldn’t find a Sunny day in between to display a Christmas Tour of our Home! Although . . . I did enjoy seeing all of your homes during the Christmas Season, even though I did not get the chance comment on all of your Beautiful Homes! 

Two weeks before Christmas, we decided to tear up the linoleum in our Kitchen and (the well loved for a long time, but definitely dated, moss green carpeting) in our living room and stairwell. I’m so excited about our new flooring!! It now feels like one consecutive living space on our main floor! 

Okay, A Hint of Christmas! (Below)This was one of the few photos I took of Christmas! I was so afraid to put a real tree in the family room with the new floor, that we decided to celebrate Christmas Morning on the back porch for the first time. And it was Really Nice!

Also New!! I had purchased this New chair, below, for our living room. This past Fall, I was in search for a chair that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on. Much to my surprise, I found this chair at the right time, from TJ Max. This wall used to have a sofa table against it for quite a few years and I was so ready for a change that would provide an extra seating space. I am very pleased with the size and dimensions of this chair. Perfect!!

Much to my Surprise, I was on Tonya’s Home Decorating Blog site the other day and she was so excited about finding this same exact style chair, but in a light grey color! How ironic, because I absolutely LOVE the style of her home! You might want to check it out @ Thank you for stopping by!! This year will be a year of changes in our HOME. . . A New Half Bathroom and a New Laundry/ Mudd room!! Your welcome to stop by any time! :)

Fall Nesting Part 2

Fall has been fun for me this year around my home! I have a small home and sometimes I get overwhelmed when I decorate because I don’t want it feel too cluttered, but I think I made it work! I decided to have a little fun with creating a simple Fall table setting. I wanted to incorporated some things I already had around the house and decorate my table on a small budget.

I decided to make this table setting more of a neutral pallet with a pop of color using my turquoise blue plates. I was able to find some white plates at Home Goods, to incorporate in layers. If you notice, the 2 sets of place settings are layered differently. I did purchase the burlap table runner that will be long enough to use when I make the table larger for Thanksgiving. I already had the 2 candle holders and the greenery. I found the tin can (with a lid that is not shown) to place the foe green plant in, at TJ Max for $3! I also purchased the burlap placemats and 4 neutral colored plate chargers that I can use all year round. The plate chargers were on clearance, 1/2 price at Pier 1. Yay!

I already had 3 pine cone pumpkins I that was using to decorate around the house and wanted to use them to display on the plates. I was short 1 pumpkin! I had bought them weeks before I decided to us them for my table setting. With little hope, knowing that there was little supply of Fall decor left at Michaels, I went back to see, by chance, if there was any pine cone pumpkins left. I searched the isle of Fall leftovers where I had originally found them and there was nothing left. As I went around to the next isle, I just couldn’t believe there was that 1 pine cone pumpkin sitting on the top shelf all by itself. It was like it was just sitting there waiting for me to come back! I laugh at myself thinking, how can I be so excited about this one little thing that made my day! 🙂

I found a set of 3 nesting trays at TJ Max and I thought the largest one would be perfect the centerpiece! And I can repurpose these trays around by home throughout the year.

At the time I purchased the nesting trays, I didn’t even realize they matched 2 of my wood candle pillars that I had purchase about 9 months earlier!

More hints of Fall around the Kitchen.

Changed some slip covers on my furniture and added some Fall decor on the Sun Porch that is off our kitchen. 

Happy Fall Everyone! 

Thank you for letting me share my Home with you!

Autumn Touches. . .Outdoors

This year, I just wanted to keep the decorating outdoors to a minimum. I have 4 large planters, 2 on the front steps and 2 on the back yard patio. I wanted to try something a little different with the planters instead of just mums. (Which are still always great Fall touches!) I did buy 3 mums though. It was the first time I bought mums that were still just buds, thinking they were going to be certain colors. I thought I was buying a white mum for the front step and it is just now starting to bloom yellow flowers! Boy, was I wrong! lol. 

Sorry about the landscaping. . . It is in desperate need of some TLC! We decided to wait until Spring. Just too much going on! 

Below are a couple of photos of our back yard patio planters. 

P.S. I am still working on Fall Nesting Part 2. I am putting together 

a small DIY project that I wanted to post with the rest of my other indoor photos.


Fall Nesting Part 1

Welcome to my Home! Over the past few weeks, I have been slowly transforming my home for This Beautiful time of year! Decorating is my favorite thing to do. I love to make small changes each Season by switching out pillows and small home decor.

 This is my Living Room. . .

In the photo below, I flipped the books to give this small shelf a more neutral look. Except for Melissa’s “Love the Home you Have” book. Of course! lol. 

Thanks to Tonya’s Inspiration at (! She has an amazing book shelf full of books and and beautiful decor!

Below is my Family Room, downstairs. I just changed the decor on my tray, added some more pillows and brought out an old multi-color throw.