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I am a wife, mother, Jesus-follower, dog lover, random blogger, who also loves to sew and try to keep a clean house.
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My #comfyspot

This is my comfy spot. It is where I land when I need a break during the day. It is usually where I have my quiet time and read my Bible in the mornings. The little basket on the side holds all my magazines,  iPad, heating pad, etc. Sometimes I have to run other family members out of the chair. IT is Mama Bear’s chair.


This is my #20littlethings in no particular order after the first picture. 1.  This is the view of the bayou from my back deck. We inherited the home from my in-laws when they passed. I must say I am going to sound spoiled. I loved my mother-in-law with all my heart, but we had very different tastes in home decor. However, a waterfront home is not to be turned down. I knew it had good bones and in time I would be able to place my mark on the home.

2. I love sitting out the bottom deck in the evening.

3. I love sitting on the top deck in the mornings.

4. I love my little container garden down by the water. I absolutely love to grow things. I think I there is just something so rewarding about planting something and then nurturing it

5. I love roses and geraniums. I can grow geraniums like crazy. Roses not so much, but I continue to try. 

6. I spoke of the bones of this home. It has many built-ins that I adore. One of which is my family room that holds my love of books, but the most spectacular built-in is in the dining room. It is unbelievably gorgeous. It may be one of my very favorite things in the house.

7. Another of the cool features of this home is three octagonal areas across the back of the home. Each one is a little further out so that form all three rooms on both levels you get an unobstructed view of the bay. The first is in the kitchen. Our pub table where everyone seems to gather. Lots of good memories around that table.

8. The second octagonal room is in our family room. It is the most absolute perfect place for a Christmas tree. I don’t have to move any furniture to love the Christmas tree. Other times it holds some plants and a scope for viewing wildlife across the bayou.

9. I love my bedroom. I have tried to create a serene place to rest.

10. I love my sewing room. A gift from Hubby when I retired last year. I love my counter that looks outside.

11. I love my storage all over the home, but especially in my sewing room.

12. I love my craft area and desk area.

13. I love little spots around the home that display the things you love and that evoke happy memories like this bookcase built by daddy in high school shop. 

14. I love pieces of furniture that Hubby and I have picked out that are timeless and classic.

15. I love my kitchen island that I try REALLY hard to keep cleared off.

16. I love my family and my two doggies which make a house a real home.

17. I love that after many years, we have put our mark on this home.

18. I love that I was able to embrace many of things my mother-in-law chose for the house and that I really grew to love them.

19. I love that when we talk of downsizing now that our kids are grown, that they don’t want us to. It is their home.

20. I love that it really is “home sweet home.” and much more.

The Kitchen that Serves Us Well

I didn’t alway love my kitchen. We inherited the home from my husband’s parents, so it wasn’t my dream kitchen. It had very busy wallpaper indicative of the early 1980’s when it was built. I wasn’t too crazy over the white countertops which are Corian (so I knew they were nice). I wanted many times to change out to granite which was all the rage for a time, but I couldn’t force myself to take up the white when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Time has changed my views though. I really love it now!

Another thing that is so trendy now is painted white cabinets. I have never been on that wagon. While I have seen so many cute kitchens with them, I love my stained wood cabinets. I love the wood grain. I think it brings so much character to the room.

I adore my island. I truly try not to put anything on it and use it as a work space or serving counter only. I have learned over the years if you even put one decorative thing on it, then before you know it is cluttered, and the whole kitchen is messy looking.

I am fortunate to live on a bayou along the Gulf Coast, so my view out the window is beautiful.

I have learned if you wait long enough some things will come back in style, and others will just hold enough memories that you will keep them even though they aren’t so trendy now like the lighting.

Getting Adjusted to Retirement

I retired last June after 31 years of teaching. I am loving it, but I did find it hard to turn that work switch off. I spent months just resting and trying to realize I am not on a rushed schedule anymore. My husband had a room remodeled for me to become my sewing room. I am over the moon about it and spending lots of time in there now.