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I brake for charming houses and I love coffee breaks. I'm a wife, mom of three humans and two pups living near Seattle.
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20 Little Things and A Summer Challenge

Hey guys! We wanted to make sure saw the block party theme for this week! (We post it weekly in the events section and will try to remember to remind you in a story and on social media).

This week’s theme is “20 Little Things”! Share with us 20 little things you love about your home using the hashtag #20littlethings

We also wanted to let you know about a fun summer challenge! (Check out the post today on The Inspired Room for more details).

 We can’t wait to see everyone sharing their challenges here on Home Love Stories this summer.

PS…did you know you can do video posts here too? Instead of a photo, you can upload a short video! How cool would that be if you showed us a video of the 20 little things you love about your home, or featured your summer challenges in video!

Yay! Maybe I’ll try one of those too.

Either way, whether you capture video on your cell phone or share photos, we’ll see you around the neighborhood this summer. 

Let’s Go Outside!

Hey Everybody! How are you all? I LOVE seeing all your stories, so much fun. You all are great!

Let’s take it OUTSIDE for this week’s block party! Come show us your favorite outdoor spaces, your garden or projects you plan to work on outside this summer! Can’t wait to hang out with you! Use the hashtag #letsgooutside

Have fun!

Pets At Home: Jack and Lily

I can’t imagine our home without our pets! We keep our furniture pet-friendly as much as possible because…obviously…there’s no keeping them off :)

Case in point. Sometimes we put obstacles in their way and they don‘t even care. They will find a way.

There’s never a dull moment in our house with Jack and Lily. They are always into some kind of mischief! 

This is their favorite lookout point where they watch to make sure there isn’t any funny business going on outside (you know, like squirrels, mail men…very threatening things) :) 

We love our pets! Share photos of your pets in your home, we want to see!


Comfy Spot Block Party

Hi friends! We have been loving all of your stories and the great community that is forming here at the Home Love Stories neighborhood! I thought I would quickly pop on and announce this week’s Block Party theme: “Comfy Spot!”. Anytime during this upcoming week, join the party and share with us your favorite comfy spot in your home 🙂

Be sure to use the hashtag #comfyspot somewhere in your story so others can easily find it!

My junk/antique store find!


Sorry it’s late here and the worst lighting ever, but LOOK at what I found today!!! I’m so excited about this. My husband and I headed out for a little afternoon date in Poulsbo (Washington) and ran into a little junk/antique store we hadn’t been in forever. And just as we were making our way out of the store, this GEM leaped into my arms and came home with me. It’s an old bowl, huge, heavy but so awesome for my dining table or console table. Can’t you just picture it with fruit or plants or flowers or? What else? I’m excited to try it out! I have two long console tables that always need something in the middle so I think this is going to come in handy! 🙂 Can’t wait to play with it tomorrow!

Home Love Stories

This is my laundry room. I got these letter blocks to celebrate my love of home and all the wonderful stories our homes tell! 

I was so excited to hang them that I got a few letters hung a little crooked but still, I love it! Do you ever get so excited to hang something new that you don’t measure first? The truth is I never measure, I just make a million holes in the wall. It drives my husband crazy! :)

There is a giveaway for Letter Blocks of your favorite word or phrase over on The Inspired Room right now, so go enter! I love having things in my home that mean something, don’t you?

The Ottoman

I think one of the most pretty and useful things I’ve added to my home recently has been this ottoman from World Market! At first I was a little worried, thinking it might get ruined if anyone went near it. Surprisingly enough, it’s been so durable! We use it for feet, snacking, sitting and watching Downton Abbey on the laptop :). I pull it close to the fire and over by the sofa, it’s so flexible and handy! I do keep a tray on it though, just in case.

And, look at my cute kids playing cards on it. 🙂