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Learning to be content with the process of making and loving my home along with my husband & 5 littles.
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Learn & Laugh

I’ve finished chapter three of Love the Home You Have so, as suggested by the author, here I am to share a DIY fail:) 

This book is so much what I’ve needed. I literally had to wipe away the tears when Melissa reassured me that “Our desire to improve our surroundings ISN’T perfectionism.” She is so right, I do “see [my] mess as a reflection of [my] failure.” I needed to be assured that my “longing for beauty hints at our identity as a reflection of our Creator rather than a flaw in our character.” I’ve had to overcome some voices who called me a “perfectionist” when I was just trying to do the basics well. Thank you Melissa, I’ve needed your words for a long time now. 

My husband and I have DIYed our way through several houses from the beginning of our story. The only home we bought that did NOT need any work never quite felt like “ours”. We are once again in the midst of a remodel & even though it’s a mess, it feels like “ours” already. 

One things we wanted to try was a beadboard/wainscoting ceiling. We bought the materials and the two of us held that heavy sheet of wood up to the ceiling to let the liquid nails adhere. When that didn’t work we tried drywall staples. After several tries and aching arms we gave up. It turned out to be a more complicated project than we had time & energy for just then. We saw these rolls of wallpaper that look like wainscoting & a quick YouTube search found videos of other people using this product. We tried it in a small space first- a hallway- & it worked great! So then we started putting it up in our master bedroom. This was much more difficult. The sheets had to be much longer and handling them when they were wet and the glue was starting to go everywhere was gross! It was like globs of goo dripping all over the place & us! I love how it turned out, so even though the actual wainscoting was a DIY fail, the wallpaper worked! I don’t plan on doing that again anytime soon- although we did laugh-a lot!-and I did get an excellent arm workout out of the project:)