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Up to date

This is my “master” not sure you can really call it that but sense its where we sleep that’s what it is. 

This is the full bath we still need to put in back splash.

This is the girls side of the house the toy room is to the left and straight ahead is their bedroom there is a half jack and jill bathroom between the two rooms(which has been super great for brushing teeth and just having an extra toilet in the house is a huge blessing!!)  

Taking this picture was not an easy task it is a small space and we still have some work to do! 

We still need to finish trim on some windows, and this is one of them. But this is a perfect space for all the toys and makes my life a ton easier!

And there you have it the up to date pictures. The more we get done the more I’ll share!!


Now we still aren’t done … and we probably wont be DONE for awhile. But and it is a big but we are comfortable. Yes there are over a hundred things to silicone yes I still have cinder block steps, and there will always be touch up painting to do but the fact that I can crash at the end of the day and feel good is huge. I am happy where we are at with the progress we’ve made. There will always be a lot of work ahead of us, and I truly don’t mind. It really just means there is a TON more potential.  

this is the almost there photo

i love this little photo bomber

painting makes it clean?

Now I really did scrub these walls they were covered in random stickers and cobwebs, but nothing looked CLEAN until that primer went on the walls. now luckily we know a guy…. truth be told we know a lot of guys, but this particular one owns a paint sprayer so we were able to paint the whole house in under an hour. Yes it is a small house, but I’ve done my fair share of painting and the timing was impressive. I cant wait to get the color on and flooring in and trim up. I may be a little impatient, but lets remember I have 7 days to be out of my house. As I am writing that I am feeling my self get overwhelmed … Oh boy there is a lot left to do like pack. Where is my fairy god mother when I need her… no gown or ball for me just please flick your wand and have my house packed thank you!! If you can’t already tell me and the little broke away for a girls date to Cinderella. She is worth every distraction   

Trying to find the beauty

Our rough plumbing is finally all in!!! Sheet rock is on the walls 90% of all the mudding is done and we are hopefully painting on Monday. Cross your fingers because I’ve been saying were going to paint for days now THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO DO!! As of last Friday we are down to two weeks left in our home so if Hubbs doesn’t hurry up I am going to be homeless!!!  Upside these beauts below came today. It might just be me but doors can be so cute!! In my dream house french doors and dutch doors are a must!

Let the packing begin

I hate packing. . . Lets be honest if you enjoy packing there has to be something wrong with you, but that’s just my opinion. I should be a pro by now in the 7 years I’ve been married we have moved 14 times. Gasp I know I do when I think about it. The first few years were not so bad when we had no children, but that lasted about a min. Now here we are move 15 which will eventually lead to move 16 which cross your fingers cross your heart say your prays that that will be our last and final move till the day I die. Which I hope I live a very long time. 

Not for the faint of heart…

Now I meant it when I said this was not for faint of heart. This Trailer is in more then a little in need of being fixed up. Thank goodness my husband was blessed with many of many talents that include plumbing, electrical and construction. It does not hurt that his dad is a plumber and his uncle is and electrician and he’s worked for both of them!! The guy is just all around good with his hands, and I am a great gofer. Kali gofer this gofer that ya i got that down. We bought this Trailer cheap and I mean cheap that being said you get what you pay for. We have a lot to do and not a ton of time. I wish that we could just focus all our time and effort on fixing it up right now but he works and we have 5, 3 and 1 year old little girls so we do what we can. In the pictures above you can see how we found it luckily you don’t have to smell or feel how we found it. There was some plumbing issues that had lead to a lot of floor damage (thankfully it was only in the kitchen bathroom area) we tore out all the damaged sub floor and replaced it. We took out all the plumbing haven’t yet got that back in, but as I mentioned work in progress. Hubs has started patch work, and can I say sometimes this guys just AMAZES me I really had no faith that we could make patches in wood paneling look good and he sure showed me!! We have a budget and we want to do this right but also the most cost effective so we can save save save to build. The more I spend the longer I’m in here. I guess who knows I might be in love when I am done and want to stay here for years. Unlikely but who knows. Stay tuned for the next step I know I am.     

Small living

Hi, I’m Kali I am a young mama of 3 beautiful girls and a homemaker. I am married to a great guy that can luckily do everything I dream up!! We are kind of in limbo at the moment in the home department. About two and a half years ago we bought a little 1344 sq foot fixer upper. We knew it wasn’t our “forever” home, but we put a lot of love into it. 2 short years into it on a whim we decided to post it for sale with the mindset that if it sales it sales if it doesn’t we still are happy here. Within 3 days of listing it we had not one but two offers. I’m not sure I was quite ready for it. We’re still in the closing process but that closing date is sneaking up on me fast. So I still get to enjoy my little house just with half of it in boxes. So the next step where do me and my little family go from here you ask … A trailer I know I know the stigma that surrounds trailer living is not a good one, but it’s not forever and with my ideas and my husbands handiness we can make anything cute just you wait. There is a lot of logic that went into this decision. live in the trailer for a few years save save save and then build our home with little to no mortgage. I don’t know about you, but if spending a few years in a trailer could leave our family potentially debt free I’m all about that. And my husband with the great faith he has in me tells me I can make anything beautiful. I guess we’ll definitely be testing that theory!! Well that’s a little about me!!! I’m excited to read everyone else’s stories!!!