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Apple Ornament Christmas Tree

Vintage apple ornament fresh Christmas tree 2017

It took me a few years to collect enough of these hard Christmas ornament apples from thrift stores.  Simple is best so just apples ornaments on the tree.  My house actually has a red front door year-round.

Lining the back of bookshelves

I have owned these six bookshelves since 2004.  I finally decided to line the back of these shelves with four nice wrapping paper rolls from TJ Maxx.  The lining was not hard, but the removing the books and putting them back were laborious for me because I neither have strong arms nor hands.  I like my lining muted, hence these paper patterns/prints.  I have 16 more bookshelves, but I am not lining those.  This activity was spring lining for me instead of spring cleaning.  The paper rolls were around $15.

Library/Dining Area

          I have more use for a library room/area than a dining room, but I can use the space as a dining room when necessary.  I finally bought one more tall bookshelf to stack and line three each against the walls.  I don’t believe in styling bookcases because it is really a waste of shelving space.  Bookcases are for shelving books.  There are white curtains hanging from the bookcases to prevent dust by covering up the bookcases when I am not home during the summer.  On top of the bookshelves I store my vases and other decor items, but they also look good as decor.  I put up two long rose-print curtains for the autumn season.  Behind the thrift-store bought table is the daybed.  From this library area, I can watch TV in the living room and also have a view of the kitchen.  My house has open floor plan.  All in all this space is my favorite area in the house presently. 

Hanging Wall Clocks

I have always like hanging wall clocks, but they can be expensive and hard to find the style I like: vintage style.  I have a few standing vintage style clocks around the house that I didn’t know what to do with.  I found 2 decorative wall brackets in a nicely large size at Hobby Lobby on sale for around $7 bucks each.  So with 4 appropriate nails, a hammer and screwdriver I used a ladder to mount the brackets up on both sides of the entrance to my kitchen;  I then used 2 S hooks to hang two clocks up.  Now one can see the time/tell the time 5 times in my kitchen because now it has one wall clock, two hanging clocks, one on the microwave, and one on the stove.  But one doesn’t hear the ticking sounds from clocks or digital clocks.  And the 5 sources are in sync at telling time so all is good.  //(~!*)\

Mission Accomplished:Bookshelves in the Foyer Finally

Summer season is just about to be over; at last 4 new bookshelves stacked against the walls in my foyer room.  I have had a strong desire to have bookshelves in my foyer for a long time. The front red door opens to the foyer; inside the foyer the French/glass door opens to the house.  I like the fact that the foyer room is a buffer between the front door and the rest of the house.  I put in enough books and some decor so I could take some pictures, but the real goal is to put books on the shelves—as is the function of bookshelves.  I don’t really like to overstyle or overdecorate bookshelves because I have many books and need each shelf for each subject heading.  I Like symmetry so I fully decorated the top of each of my 4 shelves; this way the eyes are drawn vertically upward because my foyer has high/tall ceiling. #loveyourhomechallenge.

Small Updates

I bought this beige/off-white table at the thrift store for $20.  I replaced the coffee table in front of the daybed with this table.  So now I can have both: home library and dining room in one.  I don’t like my dining room formal so this relaxed and mellow furniture arrangement works out for me.  In the picture below on the far right I also hung up two mirrors on each side of the french door.  I like how the door turned out.  The french door used to be my front door, but now behind that door is the foyer; the foyer is where the red front door is now.  On the very far right of the french door where you see a bit of yellow curtain is my daughter’s bedroom.  It’s rather inconsequential that I should decorate and tidy up some parts of my house one day before I leave for summer.  I like to come home to a nice and clean home.  I only did this because I am practically done with all the packing.

Summer Ahead

It’s still spring season, but once school ends in early June, my children and I will fly to southern California for the summer. I will miss most of Florida summer, but it will be nice to come home to a clean and nice home.

Coincidentally, two thrift-store-bought desks arrived yesterday.  I stacked them both against my sofas in the living room.  Now I can use my laptop sitting properly.  This will be better for the health of my back in the long run.  I like the look of some furniture stacked agains sofas and have wanted to do this for for a long time; finally I found two desks that are fully functional, in good shape, attractive, and cheap.  These are real wood furniture so they have good “bones”.  I just quickly decorate the surfaces of the desks for these pictures, but normally I leave them bare because of my toddler “runt”.  I recently changed the window curtains, too.

Off-white/cream desk: $30

Turquoise desk: $40

delivery: $35

painting of me and my daughter graces the mantel

“Make It Pretty” and Functional:  The Modest Sunroom

Finally my small sunroom is beautifized and functionalized. It is in use so I do not over-decorate.

*pillows: thrift store; the tag says Bombay Company

*painting; the original tag still says 1990 JC Penney $190 but thrif-store price was $15 and further reduced to $3; the frame was oak wood and I painted white with some wall paint on hand

*on the left of the photo you can see my freezer

*plate on the wall shelf: Goodwill store $1.99