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Just a chocolate loving, kid squeezing kind of girl, who is trying to live out each day with the joy of the Lord - without stepping on too many crumb coated LEGOS 🙂
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Comfy Spot

If I had to pick my comfy spot, this is the corner of the house that I would go to. This is a little space that we gained by ripping out the ceiling and extended it to the roofline. It is tucked up on top of the stairs overlooking the living room, with my husbands office the only real room up here. 

This is where I like to read my Bible in the mornings, and get refreshed for the day. I try to keep this spot “special” for that, but oftentimes about 15 stuffed animals and two kids are crammed in my lap and on the adjacent chair, and I like it that way! 😉 

This pillow cam from my sister in law from her mission time in India, and the tea set was carved in the Dominican Republic and reminds me of the three summers I spent there with SCORE International. I always rest my coffee cup on that corner, and like to look at the family wedding pictures, as we all live far apart now. 

This is the #comfyspot, and that box tucked on the window is ant killer to try and rescue us from the ant infestation the upstairs has been experiencing! Apparently it is their comfy spot too! hahaha 😉 

Happy(er) Kitchen

When my husband first took me to look at this house, I thought this was one of the darkest kitchens I had ever been in, despite the large pass through cut in the wall. However, it was more than twice the size of my previous kitchen, and I had always wanted an island to sit at with barstools. (Always something to be grateful for!) Structurally, we didn’t change much, just closed in the pass through window, and opened up the doorway that lead to the dining room. Then we painted the cabinets, put in laminate flooring, and added some more light fixtures. 

So much brighter right?! My husband peeled off the laminate of the countertops and mixed concrete dyed black to spread over it, then we sealed it. It won’t be as durable as replacing the countertops, but it was only a $50 change, and we could handle that! 

The appliances were my surprise gift from my husband for believing in his vision for the house, and being patient with the work. 😉 He’s the best and I love the double oven! 

We basically sat at the barstools for 5 months while our living room was under construction, but thankfully we prioritized the kitchen being finished before we had to move in.

Even though I still feel like it is lacking in the layers of charm category, I feel so blessed to be able to cook for my family in a brighter, happier kitchen! 

Our School Corner 

This year, I started the adventure of homeschooling my son in kindergarten, and we use a corner of his room to do it in because he has a larger room, and it kept all our stuff off the kitchen table. As with anything, our corner evolved some throughout the year as we figured out what worked for us and how to keep focused on school while surrounded by all his toys. (We started the year with a line of blue masking tape on the floor to divide the room into school side/play side, but that didn’t last long with little sister around!)


Anyways, we did school at an old fold up card table all year, until TODAY! Over the weekend, I found this beautiful table ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD FOR FREE! I swung my mini van over, and snatched it up with a smile on my face and thanksgiving in my heart! It was covered in cobwebs and scratched up, but is solid wood, and perfect for the space! 

As with many things, the new table inspired me to make some more changes in the corner (besides sweeping, which was long overdue), and I moved the bookcase from across the room to the school corner, banishing the LEGO table to the far side of the room and HOPEFULLY eliminating the painful reoccurrence of me stepping on tiny sharpened plastic each time we did school! Whew! 

We only have about a week of school left in kindergarten, and me, my son, and the corner all look different because of it 😉


The Clark Family Moves In

i just moved to the neighborhood! Hi everyone! My name is Crystal and I am a stay at home mom who also teaches some fitness classes at the local YMCA  and loves to bake! I have been married to my wonderful husband 7 years this summer, and we have 2 amazingly silly kids that are lots of fun. This is house #3 for us, and we have lived here almost 2 years. We started out in a 400 square foot ‘studio apartment’ home, then had the opportunity to move into the two bedroom house next door when our son was 1 year old. (Sometimes I miss the days when I could lay in my bed and hold hands with my son in his pack and play!) We lived right on the main highway of our town, so my husband was always looking to move us to a more family friendly location. When he first took me to see this house, I told him it was one if the dirtiest, darkest, saddest houses I had been in! BUT it was off the highway, had another bedroom for our new daughter, and had an awesome fenced in backyard. My carpenter husband (handy I know!) had an initial vision for this house that I couldn’t see, but now I am so grateful for his leadership and how he really thought through how our family wanted to live. We ended up ripping out the ceiling and all the walls in the living room the week before we moved in, and lived in the construction site for about 5 months before it was safe to bring our couches back home! (Sometimes the construction is slow going when it is your husband and you aren’t paying him!) We have done a lot of work to this home, and I can make a before album when I figure that out, but for now I am so blessed to have found this blog and community as I start to really decorate and make this house our home. 🙂