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My First House


In college, I had the opportunity to live with 5 of my best friends. We had lived in the dorms the first two years of college, and when it was time to move out we decided to rent a house together!

We started house hunting and ended up finding the cutest little brick tudor in Queen Anne at a price we could all afford. We loved the hardwood floors throughout and all the charm that came with an old house. It was small and cozy, but it still had plenty of room for all six of us to spread out. I shared a room upstairs with my best friend that I’ve had since 1st grade.


We called this house “The Manor”. This will always feel like “my first house” (as an adult, at least). We were about to be juniors in college and had a lot to learn about actually living on our own. 

We learned those things together, laughing our way through things like taking out the trash, calling the plumber to fix leaky faucets, spending money on boring adult things like toilet paper,, killing spiders (since our dads weren’t around to take care of it)…the list goes on.

We had a gorgeous view with the most amazing sunsets every night. If you climbed out that window to the left of the fireplace, you would enter out onto the roof of our garage with a wooden porch swing.


We combined whatever furniture each of us had, and scoured Goodwill for things we needed. My best friend‘s dad made us this gorgeous crackle-painted table out of an old door, we loved it!



This main room is where we spent lots of our time together. When I think of this room, I just picture us all lined up on the couches with our laptops working on homework, browsing Pinterest, or watching the Bachelor and other great quality shows like “Dance Moms” and “Toddlers and Tiaras”.


Our dining room table was where we had meals together and where I completed many of my interior design projects late into the night.


We lived in this house for a year, and I’ll never forget some of the amazing memories of living here! I lived with these girls for the next two years (in another great house, I’ll try to find some good pictures of to share here soon!), and now even though some of us live apart now, we all continue to be best friends!

Feeling At Home

I decorated this little shelf in my bedroom with two blue and white pieces I’ve collected at flea markets with my mom, a candle from a friend, and a funny little alpaca that reminds me of good memories with the girls I lived with in college. The print above (from Graceline) is one of my favorite quotes and was given to me by my best friend for Christmas! These might look like random accessories at first glance, but they all have some kind of meaning to me and it’s one of the many reasons I feel at home here!

I love how we all have little things in our home that can start to tell our story.

What are a few things you have in your house that are meaningful to you?

What’s For Breakfast

Hello! I’m here for the block party! Woo! But first can I just say, I am loving Home Love Stories. It has been so fun to see you all posting stories and getting to know each other. And getting a glimpse into each of your homes is so cool 🙂 I think my favorite part so far has been the ‘Help a Sister Out’ category. Sometimes you just need a second opinion! And I think this is the sweetest little community to ask.

Anyway 🙂 This is what was for breakfast yesterday. I made a smoothie bowl with fruit, my sister’s homemade granola, almonds and coconut. I’m thinking I might need to make that my summer go-to breakfast!


And there was also coffee of course! This is an older picture of the coffee station in the townhouse I rent from my sister and brother-in-law. We’ve changed up this coffee station a bit since this picture was taken. We have just a few more steps to go and then we’ll be sharing it on The Inspired Room!


But let’s be honest, if I could have one thing for breakfast every morning it would actually be this picture above.


The Fat Hen is the cutest little restaurant in Seattle, and it happens to have THEE BEST eggs benedict I’ve ever eaten. If you ever get the chance to go here, I beg of you to get the pancetta eggs benedict and add avocado. Truly, I beg.


Sadly that’s not what’s for breakfast today. But maybe next weekend 🙂 And in my dreams. Ha.


Around The {Coffee} Table

Hello! I’m joining in the Block Party to share my table today.

I’ve mentioned before that I live in a townhouse in Seattle with my sister and my brother-in-law. It’s a great house, on the smaller side but with plenty of space for the three of us. One thing it doesn’t have, however, is a designated dining room.

We use our kitchen island with bar stools, but I often find myself using this coffee table as a dining table, too!



Flashback to the room I shared with my best friend in a house we rented in college! I might miss this house a little but it’s safe to say that I don’t really miss sleeping on the top of our bunk bed 🙂

Chalk Paint?

I love this cozy guest room at my parents’ house! I found that sewing table at Goodwill for just $30 a few years ago and I always planned to paint it, but haven’t gotten around to it yet! It’s pretty shiny wood so I’m thinking chalk paint would be the easiest way to paint it without sanding. Has anyone tried chalk paint? I haven’t yet but I’ve heard some good reviews!

Breakfast At Home

Going out for breakfast may be one of my favorite things ever, but there’s something pretty wonderful about eating breakfast in the comfort of my own home, too. This particular morning, breakfast is at home on the couch while I get ready to work for The Inspired Room. Coffee (with the foamiest foam from my Nespresso!), Greek yogurt and granola that I made last night!