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Barb Williams
My greatest joy is my family which has grown to include two grandsons which my husband and I adore. My second joy has always been decorating. I'm loving my new neighborhood!
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Adding a few touches

Hi everyone!  I hope your summer has been keeping you busy with some relaxation thrown in. Mine sure has!  I’ve managed to add a few new touches around the house mainly to try and brighten things up and just give things a fresh look. My dining room is one of the darker rooms in my house so I thought some lighter chairs to replace the dark green ones I’ve had for years might brighten it up. I found these on overstock at a good price and  I think they help a little in the brightening department.  Here’s a before pic:

With the after pic above.  I guess slightly, lol, but I love the change either way..   I also wanted an architectural piece on a big wall in my kitchen and found these old shutters at an antique mall in town. 

I’m loving the old vs. new look in here. We have since squeezed them together so there’s no space between them and it looks that much better. What do you think?  After working on the downstairs I looked around my grandsons room and decided to hang a pennant that I had made, inspired by one of our neighbors, with both of their names on it. I haven’t found the perfect spot yet but it’s here for now. I love working on their room. 

That’s pretty much all I’ve had time for this summer in the house. We did have an amazing experience watching baby birds hatch and eventually leave the nest. They had built a nest behind the wreath on our front door. Right next to the window so we had a “ bird’s eye view” lol. 

 I can’t believe that summer is coming to an end!  

Dining Room Chandelier


We moved into this house just about exactly one year ago. When we looked at the house there was really cool industrial Type modern lighting in this room and in the kitchen. One of the things that I really loved about the house. It took me a day or two after we moved in to realize that the previous owners had switched out the lighting!  Didn’t even notice in the walk through ?. So what they left behind isn’t horrible but not the look I’m going for. I need something lighter looking, more modern. Maybe a little edgy or quirky. The room tends to be dark until the afternoon so I’m also trying to lighten and brighten the space.  I need help as I want to try and get this right the first time. Can you help a neighbor out??

Our Riley

Riley is our 7 and 1/2 year old yellow lab.  She actually prefers to be out here on our deck rather than in the house. That’s fine with me because I feel the same way. In this photo she’s showing off her fabulous thick white eyelashes on this warm sunny day in CT. She loves to eat, and well eat.  

My toddler grandsons can pretty much do any and everything to her and she just rolls over and takes it. Probably because they leave her an abundance of crumbs to feast on. In her eyes I’m sure she wins on that one. 

In this last photo she’s found a treasure, a stray piece of cardboard that I can promise you will be walked around in her mouth for about 15 minutes and then shredded in the yard. So predictable! That’s why we love her! #petsathome

Wedding Cake Toppers

I wanted to share a collection that I have had for many years. It sits on a shelf in my old dining room cupboard. It all started with a Norman Rockwell figurine that my husband gave to me for one of our anniversaries. 

 I think it’s called Bride and Groom.  Something about it was so charming to me and when I started seeing old antique cake toppers at antique shops I found myself buying them and starting this collection. My husband even found a few for me in his travels. I have picked out a few favorites to share. 

I don’t have mine for some reason, sadly, but I do have other people’s!   This blond bride in the center is a favorite.  As well as this tiny couple. 

Maybe not a cake topper but they made the cut!  Their arms even move! They are all different, some with skirts, some with veils.  I even have a few bridesmaids. Now if only they could tell me their stories….. ?

My typical weekday breakfast 

Now I know this is not particularly fancy or creative but I’m lucky if I have time to sit for this on my work mornings. Sometimes it’s out the door with a Baggie of dry Cheerios and a banana in hand. I really loooove blueberries so they do typically show up in my Cheerios bowl.  By the way that’s my favorite scratched up , chipped bowl. I must be getting “”set in my ways”  as they say. Lastly my cereal and fruit is topped off with some lactaid milk. That’s all I’m gonna say about that lol   After today though, I might be changing it up with ricotta /jam toast as suggested by my neighbor! #whatsforbreakfast

Forsythia = Happy

When we left our last house to move into the house we are in now, I was particularly sad to leave the forsythia bush behind. We made the move in June so I had not experienced a spring at this house. A few days ago I noticed that the straggly shrubbery at the corner of my yard was filling out with bright yellow flowers.  Yes, to my pleasant surprise, it is several forsythia bushes!  I am so happy and instantly feel so much more at home here. I have heard that you can break off pieces of forsythia and just stick them in the ground and they will grow. True??  Another treat that I knew would be coming, the hyacinth bulbs that I planted last fall. One of the sweetest smells of spring! 


My entryway has become one of the most used spots in our house. The rack on the wall is from the grandin road catalogue. I loved it when I saw it and we really do hang coats and hats on it. I recently added the floral cone that I made from items from Hobby Lobby. It was my first time in that store and they really have more home decorating items than I expected. Very fun!! I also added the chalkboard so I can write down things I need to do because even with all my little sticky notes I’m still forgetting!  This really does help nag me into getting things done. The bench from Homegoods is a home for boots, gardening shoes, umbrellas and bubble blowing items for the grandsons. I pass through this space coming in and going out and when heading upstairs for the night and it just calms me for some reason. Thanks for “”walking in”!  And walking out!  I added the walking out view because that mirror makes me happy too!!  

My Favorite Corner

I have a few spots or corners in my house that make me happy inside when I look at them. I picked this old cupboard that we found in a very old house in Maine from the 1800’s that we had hoped to renovate. The house didn’t make it but this cupboard did. It’s now in my dining room filled with things that I need to keep from little hands. My favorite collection lives there, old wedding cake toppers. Not from past weddings of mine thankfully, but from various antique shops over the years. Maybe I will post pictures of my favorites one day. The house we moved into last summer provided the perfect spot to showcase this old cupboard,  so now every morning when I come downstairs it’s one of the first things I see. It’s such a great way to start my day.  #my favoritecorner

Is it finally spring in Connecticut?

After yesterday’s snowfall I just had to look at my door wreath this morning. Yes there is snow beyond this door but the sun is shining and it’s going to get into the forties today, woo-hoo! I love living in New England but enough is enough. I did not do wreaths at my last house so I’m really enjoying changing up my wreaths to fit the season. Anyone else have a wreath that makes them happy? I’m always up for some inspiration. 

Bathroom Update

Okay, the sliding door is in and I love it. I also had a small walk-in closet made when the bathroom was done. I decided to set the door up so it could cover the closet, probably most of the time, and then be the bathroom door when we need some privacy. I can also leave the door in the middle when I want as much light as possible in my bedroom. I just need to find a really thin piece of art to put behind the door that shows when the door is moved to one side or the other. Something metal would be perfect!