Revamping Your Home in 2017? What You Need to Know

A home remodel can be tricky business: from upgrade selection and budget drafting to post-revamp cleanups and long-term cost-efficiency, even partial renovations require more attention and planning than you’d think. Things can get even more complicated if you throw in constantly changing interior design trends, cost performance, and real estate market developments. If you’re eager to carry out a partial or complete home remodel this year but aren’t sure which projects will provide the best value for money, check out the smart suggestions listed below and save yourself some precious time and cash.

1. A Practical Shade of Style: The Breakfast Nook 

 An interior design trend that sneaked into stylish kitchens last year, the breakfast nook will seize global glory in 2017. Graceful eating areas separated from the dining room, the breakfast nook offers a blank canvas for decorative experiments, and it can be decked with artwork to double as a nutshell gallery for bonus visual value. If you want to get the biggest visual bang for your upgrade buck, try converting a part of the sunroom into the breakfast nook or consult kitchen remodel experts to help you set up a perfect spot where you and your loved ones will be able to savor morning coffee and croissants in the lap of peace, comfort, and elegance. 

 2. The Trendy Sparkle: Stainless Steel Appliances.

Stainless steel appliances aren’t new, but this year, the popularity of kitchen electronics in high-shine shells will definitely hit a peak. Durable, sleek, and easy to clean, stainless steel appliances are compatible with most décor styles and they can introduce a modern air into the kitchen, helping increase your property’s market value, speed up the sale, and attract a greater number of potential buyers. If you don’t like the universal-appeal stainless steel electronics, you can opt for appliances with a matte or black finish and pull off an equally stylish effect.

3. Quartz over Marble: Floors in a New Groove

 Natural flooring has been in vogue for a couple of years now, but in 2017, quartz will rise above all other materials and snatch the design throne from hardwood and marble. According to Lifull real estate experts, kitchens with quartz flooring and countertops will be a hot home feature in 2017 due to durability, longevity, superior visuals, and hassle-free maintenance. If you’re about to launch a floor-to-ceiling home remodel, be sure to dress the floors in quartz: the extremely profitable upgrade will both enhance your home’s functionality and up its market value. 

 4. Bathing in Retro Glamour: Freestanding Tubs 

Another interior design hand-me-down that will stay on the trendy home look wagon this year, a standalone tub will be a perfect bathroom upgrade for homeowners renovating to sell. A 2014 design trend that seems to spite the tooth of time, a freestanding tub will infuse the bathroom with an aura of vintage luxury, helping achieve a high-end bathroom impression a style-savvy homebuyer will look favorably on. After all, a little old-school bathroom extravaganza never hurt anyone, but it did – and it can – help you sell your home faster and for a bit more cash.

5. Press the Right Button: Smart Home Features

Although home automation falls in the category of costly upgrades, it’s still a smart option if you want to reduce the risk of sale delays or lower than desirable final contract figures. Homes with remote control features such as doors, windows, lighting, ventilation, kitchen tech, and security devices will go for a small fortune both in 2017 and the years to come, which makes automation a smart update with long-term benefits. If you can’t afford to board the all-out smart home boat just yet, start with a few handpicked extras and keep updating your nest in line with smart living as time goes by. 

 6. Drink to Home Comfort and Style: Built-In Bars 

There’s no better way to end a day than to throw down a few gulps of your favorite brewsky on the rocks, is there? Apparently, both homeowners and interior designers approve: built-in bars are a huge décor trend in both small and spacious homes these days, and they’ll stay in vogue all through the year. Functional and elegant, a built-in bar is a perfect finishing touch for a freshly renovated nest, and it will look equally at home in the study, living room, and open-plan kitchen, and you can top it with a suave wine rack or liquor cabinet for bonus storage convenience. Ready to turn your shabby home into a setting off magazine covers? Use the tips above and get the biggest bang for your upgrade buck this year. After all, life’s too short to spend your days in anything less than a shipshape home, and your remodel budget is too precious to waste it on living area updates that don’t promise a reasonable return on investment. Good luck!

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