Mini Kitchen Refresh

After having the dining area in my kitchen the same way for the past 7 years or so, I was definitely ready for a Kitchen Refresh on a SMALL BUDGET.

See BEFORE picture directly below.

I actually still like the way this area used to look, but I wanted to lighten up the space without painting for now and give it a different feel when you walked into the room. I somehow went into the direction of a little vintage appeal. For now, I am keeping the farmhouse table and chairs. In the photo below, I added a new shelf to display my wine glasses, side dishes and coffee mugs. I love my new vintage mug tree and pig dinner bell! I kept this old book shelf for extra storage along with the 4 baskets that was on the other side of the kitchen. Basically, I switched places with my blue painted farmhouse cabinet. I used to have a little curtain on the bottom shelf to hide kitchen trash bags and extra paper products. Now those supplies are hidden in the wire basket covered with a dish towel. I also added this corral rug to give this corner a finished look until I get new flooring. 

I purchased new valences on the windows and added a cafe curtain on the back door leading to our sun porch. I also replaced my rooster plates and plate rack with free standing white plates.

Before photo below. . .

After photo below . . .

I now feel content with these few new changes! :)

Our Family Room #comfyspot

Welcome to one of the few comfy spots in our home! This is our family room down the steps from our kitchen. I would say this is the most contemporary space in our home. When we bought this home years ago, this was an unfinished room. But for some reason it had already been paneled with an unfinished ceiling. With very little of a budget at the time, we sheet rocked the ceiling and stuccoed it in a Mediterranean style look. Then we primed and painted the paneling. The paneling has been painted quite a few times over the years and it still works for us. I guess you can say maybe, a little rustic appeal. . . This is where my hubby and I retreat at the end of the day. We love catch up on many of the TV series that we have missed over the years on Netflix! No commercials! Sometimes my son and his girlfriend will come down and watch a movie with us when they have nothing better to do! Lol!

My comfy spot is to the left, between the two pillows. The chaise end of the sectional is comfortable but it is a little bit difficult to focus on the TV from that angle. My cats, Henry and Oliver will lay at the end of the chaise so it does get some use. Lol! My hubby claimed the corner to the right. But every so often he will give it up for me. And some days we will even snuggle there together. :)

When we finished the family room we had purchased this gas stove below, which was such a great investment!. It definitely keeps us warm and cozy in the Winter Months!

Thank you for stopping by! :)

Just for Fun!

Welcome to my home office! My office is actually in our family/media room. It takes up about 1/4 of the living space. This small space it actually a cut through from my upstairs kitchen. . . down the stairs, past our family room, through the middle of my two desks . . . and through the door into our Mudroom. Uhg! Someday when one of my kids move out (Not that I want them too. . .), I can turn one of their rooms into my office. So, this is where I work everyday. I own a small Placemat Advertising Company called, Hometown Advertising. My office doesn’t normally look this organized. My desk is usually covered in papers! But this week I decided to #makeitpretty for you! Just for Fun!

Below is a picture of my computer desk, that is located on the opposite side of my work desk. It’s not really pretty, but VERY useful! You can’t really see my office chair, but it’s just a standard black swivel chair with a cushion and a pillow on it. Not very pretty or comfortable! Someday I plan on buying a nicer, more stylish, yet comfortable new chair. Can’t wait!

For extra storage, I chose to use some wicker baskets as you will see in the photo below. And what would I do without my handy dandy file cabinet! Really, I have so much paperwork that I have stacked plastic drawers in the Mudroom next to my printer. Well…Thank you for stopping by my office!

Coastal Master Bedroom

I did my master bedroom makeover late last Spring. I guess you can call it Coastal Country Chic. I don’t know how to really describe it. I know this bedroom is far from masterful! But I do like the final results. My room before had oatmeal (dark tan) colored walls and had more of a country look. Painting the walls blue was a big leap for me!! I had always used different shades of blue when painting my son’s room over the years, but never thought twice about it, because it was a boys room. I do like this blue. The color gave my room a whole new look. It feels brighter and fresher. Yet, to me, it still has the calming rustic feel that I was looking for.

I changed everything but the furniture and the cherry wood blinds. I bought new bedding, lamps, curtains and pictures. It literally took me a FEW months to get the room the way I wanted. . . buying and returning lamps and pictures was the most difficult part of this makeover. I purchased the bedding first and then I worked around that. I also bought a new night stand for my side of the bed. I chose an off white colored night stand just to brighten things up a little more. 

I couldn’t get a brighter picture from this angle for the photo below, but just to give you an idea of how my new white night stand looks with the oak wood. I did buy 2 matching lamps of the lamp that is on the right (above). I had this matching lamp on my night stand too, but I decided I liked it better on my dresser as you will see in the next photo. The point is, I think mixing up the night stands and lamps can work. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!

Me and My Coffee Station

Good Morning around the world! I’m not a big breakfast person, but I kind of have a morning ritual during the work week. I know today is Sunday, but my husband woke up early this morning and took my son and his friend fishing! A Beautiful sunny morning here in Southern New Jersey! Yes, this is where I was born and raised. Anyway, I am fortunate to work my business from home. When I first wake up, I make a cup of tea and check out what’s new on “The Inspired Room” (Literally!). But lately, It’s been Home Love Stories” too! Yay! I may sit for about a half an hour until I start feeling more awake. Then after getting ready for the day and doing some of my morning chores, I will make a small pot of coffee and this is #whatsforbreakfast this morning, Biscotti! Other days, I usually make oatmeal on the stove, toast a bagel or make toast. And I usually eat my breakfast either standing in the kitchen by the sink while I empty the dishwasher or go downstairs to my home office to organize my work for the day.

Can you tell I like Pottery Barn! My dinner dishes are large enough to use as a “Lazy Susan”. They are so big, I can’t even store them in my kitchen cabinets. I actually store them is a small end table cabinet in the living room. Really! (That’s another space that I will be sharing with you soon). Anyway, the cream colored sugar bowl and creamer and the braided charger are also from Pottery Barn. 

I also love my glass jar that I use to store my tea bags. I bought this years ago at a yard sale from my older next door neighbors who have since past on. They were Great Neighbors! 

Thank you for stopping by!

Welcome to Our Home!

Welcome to Our Home! This is the #firstimpressions you will see as you walk through our front door. Very casual. Our Main floor is not very big, but I try to make it welcoming for all who enter. Our home has evolved over the past 19 years with things new and old. We all would like to make changes to our home and to keep it updated when our budget allows us to. But for now, I “Love the Home I Have!”

My goal this year is to replace the carpet and vinyl flooring to make this first floor one continual space. My husband and I have talked about removing this wall so we can make the kitchen a little larger.

We had updated our kitchen about 12 years ago. The blue tiled walls were new before we moved in about 7 years before that. They may be even making a comeback by now. LOL! Even if it’s not, we are keeping the tile. At the time of our kitchen updating, we had replaced the cabinet doors from those white laminate doors with the oak wood trim at the very bottom of them. But, since we weren’t going to change the cabinets, we just chose basic oak doors to match. I’m thinking of painting them gray to brighten up the kitchen. What do you think??  I did try to freshen the cabinets up about a year and a half ago with new stainless hardware. At the time of our kitchen update, we also added new laminate counter tops and the island. Our intentions for the future are to replace the counter tops again and add more counter and cabinet space to the island.

This is our every day Dining space that takes up the other half of our kitchen. Off to the left side of this space is our Sun Porch which I will be sharing with you all another time. Thank you for stopping by! I have plenty more to share with you soon!

This Tiny Curio Cabinet…

Is my #favoritecorner nestled in the corner of our family room. As you can see it is very small in proportion, but just enough space to display a couple of family heirlooms. On the very top shelf you see a vintage glass blown daisy pitcher that was my GREAT Grandmother’s. These tiny tea cups that were made in Germany, were my Grandmother’s. Now its difficult to see the designs on these cute little gold spoons. At the top of them, is the artwork of Thomas Kinkade. My Mother loves his artwork and thought to give these spoon sets as gifts for Christmas one year to my brother’s wife, my sister and I. Every Christmas since then, we also get a Thomas Kinkade Calendar for the new year. I Love this teapot you see with the gold and blue stripes and the turquoise flowers! This was made in New England. My Mother gave it to me to display in the cabinet a while back. Little Story…Many years ago my Mother bought this teapot to give to my Great Aunt (on my Father’s side) one year for Christmas. Then years after that, my Great Aunt gave it to my Mom for Christmas! ugh! My Mom didn’t tell me this until she brought it over for me. After all that, I guess this teapot really didn’t have any meaning to her and I’m sure my mom was a somewhat offended and even a little hurt at the time. But now we can laugh about it, knowing my Great Aunt’s personality! And last but not least, the bottom cabinet, I find useful to store extra plates and such. 

Spring Gathering

Welcome to my Spring Gathering! I feel like inviting you all over for brunch! I don’t have a formal dining room. This table opens up and I can add 2 more leafs for special occasions. I guess you can say my home is not formal, but I would like to think it is inviting to everyone who walks through our front door. Someday, I would like to replace the black spindle chairs with new ones that are mixed in style to give my table more character. Maybe even paint the table off white! This dining area takes up about half of our kitchen. Someday I would like to show you the other half. That’s another story! #AroundTheTable

My Bunny Inspiration

When I am able to finish my work for the day from my home office, and I have some time before cooking dinner, I escape to my favorite local stores for budget decorating inspirations! I don’t usually decorate for Easter being that my kids are now young adults. BUT I came across this mossy green bunny at TJ Max! I picked it up and kept looking at it, thinking what can I do with this?? After a couple of days of thinking & searching for other decorating accents to go with this big GREEN bunny, I finally found some great accents at “The Home Goods Store”(Basket, carrots & glittery pink Easter eggs). And this is what I came up with! What do you think?