Favorite Corner: Kitchen/Breakfast Nook/Area

The kitchen/breakfast nook is more than just a favorite corner in my kitchen.  It has many house-to-home elements to my liking. airy space with sunligh and bay window looking out into the backyard and sunroom; built-in window seat.  The table is one of two and the main table in my house since I gave up a dining room proper.  This area is the most used in my house.  I finally took the pendant that came with the light fixture out and replaced it with a wired basket. Now there is more light in my otherwise dim life.  I recently turned a thrift-store bought bookshelf into an open hutch to shelve all of my china teaware I have collected over the years.  This area gives off an eclectically vintage, cottage, country style with colorful and bright decor.  #favoritecorner

Beautiful Things: Rescued Pink

 After Easter egg hunting yesterday, my daughter came home and gave me a pink bulb she found on the ground at the botanical garden.  She told me it must have fallen off its stem.  We don’t know its proper floral name.  A perfectly beautiful pink bulb is now blooming in the water.

Around the Table

The only other table I have is a foldable one in my small sunroom besides the larger table in my kitchen nook.  I spend a lot of time in my sunroom lately because it is bright, airy, and cool now that Floridian winter is over.  I write academic work there, take my coffee, tea, and other cold drinks there.  My young children play and draw around the table also.  We do many activities on that modest table.  #aroundthetable

Corner Space/Nook

This space is an unused corner in my sunroom behind the door of my kitchen.  My small console table fits well in the little corner,, and the kitchen door won’t  get in the way when opened.

DIY Shelf in Sunroom

2 wood fence pickets cut to size, 3 brackets, paper bunting, round lacquered tray, glass jars and wine bottle, glass lanterns, glass oval frame from thrift store, branches from front yard, fresh flowers